The Aztec Times

What there life was about!

Farming, The Aztec Way

One major part of the Aztecs culture were Chinampas. These were so called (floating gardens). The Aztecs had no room on the island for farming Tenoktitland, so they mayed garden beds that floated in the water on the outside of the island. This was their main source of food other than hunting.Some of these items were grown Chili Peppers, Squash, and other known garden vegetables. The had a hard difficult life with war, hunting, and growing food but some how they learned to deal with it and make things happen and to always worship the gods.


Tenochtitland was anther big part of the Aztecs life. This island was the place of the Prickly Pear Cactus. It was called that because, well basically there were a lot of cactuses. The Aztecs settled here in 1325. This land was very pretty. Not all Aztecs were farmers on the island. They found this place Tenochtitland because the gods told them that when they found an eagle preached on a stick with a snake in his mouth.

War and Tribute

The Aztecs were strong, tough, and really harsh. It meant a lot to these fighters and warriors. It meant so much because sacrifice was needed, and to make the (so called Gods) happy you had to donate all that you could, literally all that you could. All that you could is meaning sacrifice your whole life. Not all were sacrificed, some were captured and forced to be slaves some were used as labors on large building projects.

Moving in to a different subject of War and Tribute, the Aztecs made war so that it could be tax paid by good services. These often involved food, clothing, precious stones, etc... Although they had battle over the most ridicules thing I have ever heard it meant a lot to them and there culture.


The gods of the Aztecs were the biggest part of there life. These gods lead the Aztecs to the island Tenochtitland there home. Then the Aztecs made there lives evolve around the gods, what I mean by that was sacrificing there lives and blood to these gods, and making everything in there life have do with the Gods. They say that Gods would either bring good rainfall for crops and gardens,or they would release the nastest storms you have ever seen or have no rainfall for a long time!

The Aztec Ball Game

The Ball Game was not only a fun and exciting game, it was dangerous and you wouldn't necessarily want to lose but you had to pay the biggest price ever! Now on the other hand it wasn't bad for them. So the price of losing was that you had to sacrifice your life to the gods. So the basics of the game was that you had to keep the ball in the air with your hand, arms, hips, chest, and legs. They played this game in what looked like a stadium but was slanted in and had brick walls on the side. There was a ring on the right side wall and if you made it threw the ring that means that you got a point. You may think this game is easy but it is easier said than done.