Rattler Report

September Edition 2014

Important Dates....

Sept. 2 - DRA Window Opens
Sept. 5 - IC off campus
Sept. 8 - TPRI Window Opens (1st/2nd)
Sept. 9 & 10 - Bridges Training - IC off campus
Sept. 12 IC off campus
Sept. 17 - Early Release @ 12:00 - Staff Development
Sept. 18 & 19 IC off campus
Sept. 22- TPRI Due in Aware (1st/2nd)
Sept. 24 Science Assessment Window Opens (3rd Grade), Progress Reports, Why "Fi?" Wednesday
Sept. 25 & 26 - IC off campus
Sept. 26 - DRA's Due in Aware (1st-5th)
Sept. 29 - 2nd Grade Math Training and Planning @ LWB

Other Information

Bridges Edition

Assessments, Grades, & Report Card Documentation

You can use the unit post-assessments for grades. You can use the checkpoints in Bridges as a grade in the intermediate grades and as report card documentation in the primary grades and for skills based report cards. During PLCs, we can build common assessments using the district blueprint and learning check items. The blueprint and learning check items are aligned to the new TEKS and to the rigor of STAAR.

Problems & Investigations and Work Places

This is where you want to spend the bulk of your math block. Problems & Investigations are your whole group & small group investigations. Work Places allow you to have students working in small groups so you can either do formative assessments as you observe student learning or you can pull small groups to work with students that need intervention or challenge.

Home Connection & LISD Student Site

To get to the LISD student site, go to the LISD homepage. On the left side under ‘Quicklinks’ click ‘Student Site’. Click on ‘Elementary Student Site’ and then choose the appropriate grade level, and appropriate subject. If you choose Math, then you will find resources and games aligned to the different strands. A lot of these resources come from the Bridges website.

Number Corner Tips

Set your timer for 15 minutes. When that timer goes off, you know you have 5 minutes to wrap up the conversation. If you don’t finish all the tasks involved with Number Corner for the day, it’s okay. Update the Number Corner each day after school and eventually you will get to that task again and be able to point out the patterns and/or connections with the students. Let the students know up front, we may not get to everything and that’s okay. “Update” days do not require any class discussion. Update your chart, and the kids will notice and talk on their own. Number Corner can also occur at a a different time during the day, and not always during math. I’m hearing that Number Corner is overwhelming and takes a long time. Hopefully these tips will help with some of those concerns. :)


Learning Walk Feedback Forms and QR Code
Please make sure your Learning Walk Feedback Form and QR code are completed and posted outside your room by the week of Sept. 15-19. Directions on how to do this are on my website under "technology".

Team Math Trainings and Planning
Please see your calendar for when your team is going to be having their fall Team Math Training and Planning. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with another campus and plan for the upcoming 9 weeks.

Instructional Coach Support

Please don't hesitate to let me know how I can best support you throughout this year. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing educators! This will be a fantastic year at River Ridge! :)