2020 ~ May 21st Newsletter

Valley Oaks School

Minna Stess - Olympics Update

VOS 8th grader Minna sent this letter to us for the newsletter:

I was given the opportunity as a participating athlete to vote wether or not to postpone the Olympics, so I wasn’t really surprised when they officially announced it. I just didn’t know when exactly it would be moved to. We found out today that it’s July of 2021. Even before that though I was starting to get worried about how the virus was spreading around the world and we were just waiting to find out if the next qualifier which would have been in Lima, Peru would even happen. The good thing about all of it being postponed is so that everyone can stay healthy and in the meantime I can keep training as best I can, even though my backyard is much smaller than what I normally skate, I’m really lucky to have the backyard that I have. Right now for the 2020 qualifying season I’m ranked 4th in the USA so I’m just going to keep trying to progress as best I can. I wasn’t really that worried about getting the Coronavirus but I knew that traveling so much would put me in more places that the virus was when this first started. We were scheduled to have 2 qualifiers in China in May and July. Those got postponed pretty quickly though. The best thing about going to the Olympics would be the whole experience and getting to meet a bunch of famous Olympians! A medal would be a dream come true!

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May 25th, Monday: Holiday - VOS is closed

May 26th, Tuesday, 1-3pm: Picture-Taking Opportunity for our 2019/2020 graduates! Prior arrangements have been made with each of our 19 graduates. Each has been given a specific time to arrive and lots of instructions to meet the PCS social distancing requirements.

May 27th through 29th, Wednesday through Friday, 10am - noon: These are the times to return and drop off your school materials which have been checked out to you. A staff member will be present and will be using all of the PCS social distancing protocol.

May 26th through 29th, Tuesday through Friday: This is a teacher work week - no student appointments.

May 29th, Friday: Last day of the semester for Petaluma City Schools. Hurray for summertime! Remember that projects for the 3x4 Returning Student Assignment will be due in August.


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