how to collect evidence of cyberbullying

different ways to collect evidence

you can collect evidence many different ways like phone, a camera, screen shoting it and you can also use your email to catch it before it's to late to tell any body. Then when you got the evidence then you can tell people that this person online is cyberbullying me and then they can try to help

collecting evidence

how to collect evidence

collecting evidence is like taking a picture of something and showing it to someone and having someone help you to stop that person online from cyberbullying people or you can print out that person cyber bulling another person and show people that cyber bulling is not cool to do to someone

how to tell someone about it

how you would tell someone about it is you have to take a picture or a screen shot and then when your done you go to your friend your principal your mom for help and mabye they can help and if not go to someone that knows about cyberbullying and talk to them and see what they can do
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interested in this topic because you get to learn about how to collect evidence and mabye some day in your life you mabye have to collect evidence to show some one about it