Family Event!

Taylor and Grace

Come Volunteer and Meet New Families

Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Grace are planning a volunteer event for our kindergarten classroom. We will be taking a trip to Feed My Starving Children on Saturday, May 7th and after volunteering we will be having a potluck to share stories, similarities and difference along with any other conversations that might be held.

Feed My Starving Children Family Volunteering

Saturday, May 7th, 2:30-5:30pm

990 Lone Oak Road

Eagan, MN

We are planning an event to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, and afterwards a family potluck as a group to talk about how we all are and what we just did, along with how our weeks have been and anything involving life in general. This is a kid friendly event and want families to feel welcome into this event. We are planning on taking a bus to Feed My Starving Children, if you would like to meet us there instead that is fine as well. Please let us know if you would like to ride with us so we know how many people to plan for. There will be an option for child care as well at the local child care facility at the CHILD Center. The event will last from 2:30pm until 5:00 pm on May 7th.


We are planning on taking a yellow school bus to the Eagan Feed My Starving Children.

We will be leaving the school at 1:30 to arrive at Feed My Starving Children at 2:30pm.

We will be leaving Feed My Starving Children at 4:30pm to go back to the school and have a potluck.

Our potluck will start at 4:30pm and go until 5:30.


Our goals are to get to know our students and the parents better, we want this to be a time for families to bond while we’re volunteering. We want this to be a time where we as a classroom community and family community we want to learn about families interests and similarities along with differences. We are interested in learning more, and what other kinds of activities that a family community might be interested in taking part of within the school year.


The budget we are given for the school year is $15,000. We have several other events that we have planned throughout the year. We are budgeting $1,500 for this event. Whatever money isn't spend will go back to the year budget that we are given, to put on other events throughout the year.