Play, Learn, and Grow in 4K

Week of October 10

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We had a blast on the field trip! Thank you to all of the parents and family members who came. The weather was not perfect but we made the best of it.

Literacy Activities

This week the children continued to work on recognizing and naming the letters in their name. They sorted magnetic letters into two groups: "letters in my name" and "letters not in my name". Out in the hallway we created a "pumpkin patch" with cones and sticks. The children climbed through the "pumpkin patch" to locate and match upper and lowercase letters. The "farmers" went over the vines and the "worms" went under the vines.


Over the past week the children have begun writing in journals. Each day at the end of class the children have the opportunity to draw on one page of their journal. We are focusing on coming up with an idea (something we enjoy doing with our family or playing) and drawing about it using the correct hand grasp with our writing tool. We coach the children through adding detail with shapes and colors. When they are finished drawing they dictate a sentence for us to write their page.

Math Activities

This week for numeracy skills we continued to practice our one-to-one counting skills. In one group the children counted out pumpkin seeds and in another group they counted Unifix cubes. Counting out objects one at a time can be tricky!

Fall Harvest Party

On Wednesday, October 26th we will be having a Fall Harvest Party. The children will be playing games and making a special Halloween Snack Mix. If your child has an allergy to one of the ingredients you may pack a separate treat or substitute items. If you would like to contribute please sign up on the link below. Children are welcome to bring their costumes to PUT ON AT SCHOOL. Please don't send face paint or swords/weapons of any type. Please send the costume in a separate bag with a label on it.