Lawrence Page

By Willa Zheng and Andrew Fong

Larry Page

Who is Larry Page? Larry Page is the famous billionaire who along with Sergey Brin founded Google Inc and Alphabet.

He has a net worth of 36.2 billion and currently resides in Palo Alto, California with his wife Lucinda Southworth.

He owns a charity foundation, named after his father, the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, in which he has donated over a billion dollars to charity. He has also given 180 million dollars worth of stock to charity, and Google has made lots of donations as well.

Early Life & Education

Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973 in the city of East Lansing, Michigan to Dr. Carl Page and Gloria Page, as well as his brother, Carl Victor Page Jr.

He was influenced at an early age from his family, being that his mother taught computer science and his dad experimented with learning about computers. He stated in an interview that in his childhood, he was influenced by his family environment.

He later went on to study at The University of Michigan and later Stanford University to gain his knowledge about engineering and computer science.


Founding Google

At Stanford, Page met Sergey Brin, which would later be his partner in business. Together, they founded Google Inc as a search engine for a research project. They later decided to launch it as its own company.
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Page Today

Larry Page does not work for Google anymore (Still owns a tremendous amount of stock and is involved), but Google has still made some tremendous progress and incorporated different technologies like Google Maps, Google Chrome, YouTube, Android, Ad-sense, and many more.

It has also gone worldwide and won many awards like The Ace Metrix Overall Brand of 2014, 2014 Glassdoor's Employee Choice Awards, and is currently Forbes' 3rd Most Valuable Brand.

He also wanted to invest in other companies, so he created the Parent Company, Alphabet in 2015. Alphabet is basically one company with many little companies under it, including Google. He is still the CEO of Alphabet, along with Sergey Brin as President.


Fun Facts

  • Google was actually first called Back Rub.
  • There are now about 1.2 trillion searches on Google per day.
  • Google has 78% of all searches on the internet.
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