Telpas Test Administrator Training 2021

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Calendar of Events - Spring 2021

TELPAS Assessment

MS/HS March 2 & 3

Elementary March 8-11

General Information

Test Security & confidentiality Requirements

Maintaining the confidentiality of the TELPAS program involves protecting the contents of all secure test materials, including test booklets; online assessments and test tickets; and TELPAS calibration activities and components for holistically rating student performance.

Testing Accommodations

The following accommodations, or Designated Supports, are available to eligible students taking the TELPAS online tests.

  • Designated supports approved locally:
  • Individualized structured reminders
  • Manipulating test materials
  • Basic transcribing
  • Large print (approved paper only)
  • Designated supports that require TEA approval:
  • Extra day

The following procedures are NOT permitted, as they may invalidate the test.

  • Students may not receive reading assistance.
  • Students may not use English-language or foreign-language reference materials.
  • Test questions, reading selections, and listening passages may not be translated.
  • Test questions, answer choices, and selections may not be rephrased, clarified, or read to students.

Administration Directions

Prior to testing, familiarize yourself with the administration directions that you will read aloud to students. The TELPAS online test administration directions take into account the difficulties that some ELLs have in understanding oral administration directions in English, as well as some students’ limited experience with standardized testing.

Materials for Testing & Seating Arrangements for Listening & Speaking

Test administrators need the following materials on the day of testing:

  • seating chart
  • Session Roster(s) (a list of students assigned to the test session)
  • printed student test tickets (secure documents that provide unique TestNav login information for each student)
  • scratch paper for each student
  • pencils for use with the scratch paper

For the listening and speaking test, you will also need to gather headsets or headphones and microphones for students to use to complete the test.

Conduct Administration

  • Scheduling
  • Testing Environment
  • Testing Procedures
  • Answering Questions
  • Screen Glare
  • Breaks
  • Lunch
  • Emergencies


To log students into an online test, follow the steps below for each student.

1. Enter the username in the Username field exactly as it appears on the student test ticket.

2. Enter the password in the Password field exactly as it appears on the student test ticket. 3. Click the Sign In button. A screen showing the TELPAS administration name and the grade cluster of the test will appear. Verify the student’s name at the top of the screen.

4. Click the Start button. If administering the reading test, skip to step 6.

5. If administering the listening and speaking test, work with students to test their microphones.

6. Click the Start button to go to the test.

If students will be logging themselves on to TestNav, test administrators will guide students through the login process using the specific administration directions.

Reading Test Directions

Listening and Speaking Directions

RETURN Materials

Return the following TELPAS materials to the campus coordinator:

■ signed oath of test security and confidentiality

■ seating chart

■ Session Roster(s)

■ student test tickets (secure documents)

■ scratch paper

■ the test manual

■ any other testing resources as instructed

Your oath will be kept on file for at least five years.