School Dress Code

by Kadejah Hammonds

Every new school year students have to sit through boring talks about what to wear to school. Schools claim they want students to express themselves, but how is that possible when they can't even do that without restrictions. They want us girls to wear shorts and dresses that are basically past our knees. Why even bother wearing shorts if they are actually long. Might as well only wear pants. What if its summer time, are we only suppose to wear long shorts? Basically schools want students to burn up by wearing all these clothes. Then they say "all shoes must be black, white, or grey". What if someone wanted to wear their favorite shoes? Would that someone be punished for wearing their favorite blue shoes? "All jackets, hoodies, and sweaters must be solid coloring". What if I have my churches' name on my hoodie. What about religion? I can't worship who I want without going to ISS or detention isn't America a free country with Religious freedom? Muslims who wear Burka's is that prohibited also? Due to safety students sometimes can't wear certain accessories. Shouldn't they be worried about medal detectors to protect students from dangerous weapons that are brought into school daily. Unfortunately, students hardly follow school dress code because its almost impossible to so maybe there should be some changes to school dress code.