Counselor's Connection

Jollyville Elementary - September Newsletter

Welcome Back Everybody!

We are so excited to start another great year at Jollyville. We have added a few things to our program to make it even more accessible and helpful to students, staff, and parents. Each month we will create a newsletter (like this one) to highlight upcoming events, guidance lesson topics, helpful hints and/or information to foster a well-rounded, healthy child.

Guidance Lessons for the Month

Lesson 1: Introduction to Your Counselors

For our first lesson, we will introduce ourselves and explain what a school counselor does. We will go over expectations, who we are, what we do for students, how to reach us, and our friendly finger waves and hallway hugs. Check to see if your child can show you a finger wave and hallway hug :)

Lesson 2: Fish Vs. Whale Problems

Our second lesson will teach and review the fish vs. whale problems. A "fish" problem is one that the students can handle on their own, such as somebody isn't sharing or someone won't play with them or someone cut them in line. We will teach different strategies to help with the fish problems. A "whale" problem is something you need to tell an adult right away. This is when someone is hurt, someone is hurting someone else, or someone is in danger. Students will practice identifying fish and whale problems and using their strategies for fish problems.

Kinder will focus on using good listening skills in school.

Helpful Hints

Volunteer Applications

Sign up today to be a volunteer on the Jollyville website, so you will be cleared to volunteer at the the last minute, attend field trips, and other special events without worrying whether or not you'll be approved in time. You can access the application form here:

Upcoming Events

WatchDogs Kick Off

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 5:30pm

Jollyville Library

Ms. Johnson and Ms. Wike