Wayne Williams


About Wayne Williams

Wayne Bertram Williams was born May 27, 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a DJ and had a nack for spotting young talent in muscians. Mr. Williams was convicted for numerous murders in 1979 and was nicknamed the "Atlanta Child Murder." He was convicted to two life imprisonment on February 27th, 1982.

The main case and evidence

Wayne Williams was a primary suspect after police heard a splash in the Chattahoochee River. He was questioned in his car and later on released, until they found a body submerged in the water. Additionally, Williams took a polygraph test and failed it, leading to more of a suspicion. Then 19 fibers from Williams’s environment such as his bedspread, dog, carpet, etc. were matched to his other victims that have been murdered.

Fibers in a different use

In previous cases, fibers are a small part of the indictment of a criminal. In Wayne Williams’s case, fibers were used as the cornerstone for the prosecution, because Wayne had very unique fibers such as his carpet in his house and car. They matched multiple fibers to the body , and the probability of the same fibers somewhere else is highly unlikely.

Intial examination

The investigators initial intentions were to find the manufacture of the carpet fibers. The fibers were very unique so investigators would know immediately once they saw it; all they needed was a suspect. Once another body showed up in the Chattahoochee River, they matched the fibers to it, and had a main suspect that was released after being questioned when the body was dumped. They knew Williams was up to no good because he gave false information about where he was going.

After Examination

The police new they were working with very unique fibers. They searched for the manufactures, but nothing came up. The police then took microscopic photographs to determine the thread pattern and better locate the manufacture, but still nothing came up. The carpet was so unique that there was a 1/4327 chance of someone having the same one. They also found carpet fibers from the car and matched it to the same one that their primary suspect was driving, Wayne Williams. With the odds of someone having the same car and same carpet, the evidence was indisputable.

What they found out after the West Point Pepperell

They found out that the West Point Peppererell created the carpet and the carpet had only been proudced and sold for 1 year, making it a very unique find. They concluded off this evidence that Williams was the killer because of probability. The Fibers were the main corner stone of the evidence and couldnt be broken by the defense.

Conviction to the Crimes

Wayne Williams was statistically one of the only guys that have committed the crimes because they matched a plethora of fibers from his house to the victims. A very large factor was that they found Wayne's dogs hair over the victims, confirming he had been with the victims, also the carpet fibers at his house and car matched. The odds of it being someone else is nearly impossible. Wayne was convicted over statistics.