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Valentino Ulberg

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United States Gains Florida!

We have had dispute with the Spanish over the rich lands of Florida. At the same time there were conflicts with the Seminole Indians of Florida. This act began the First Seminole War. During the War Jackson's Troops took over most of Spain's important military posts! Then he took over the Governor of Florida. From their we started to take over Florida acre by acre. Thanks to the government we now own the rich lands of Florida!
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The Indians Removal Act

The Indians lived in settlements along the east between Mississippi and Georgia. Thanks to the government they had passed the Indian Removal Act. This act had been passed on May 28,1830. We can now have the rich lands for farming. Soon the Indians are supposed to start their quest to the west.

The Cherokee Resistance

Even though the act was passed the Cherokee had resistance. When they heard about the Cherokee refused to move the Georgian attacked the villages. The Indians then chose to sue the the state because they had no legal power over their lands. In Worcester v. Georgia the Court ruled that the Cherokee nation was a distinct community. In which the laws of Georgia had no force.
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Jackson Attacks The Bank

President Jackson had upheld the federal authority in nullification crisis. He opposed the Second Bank of the United States. The Second Bank was given a 20-year charter. This charter gave it the power to act exclusively as the federal government's financial agent. Jackson had also questioned the legality of the Bank. Jackson did improve the economy by lowering the national debt. However, his policies opened the door for approaching economic troubles.
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