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In this modern technological era, you do not have to deal with slowdown and lag on your computer. However, many people still need to put up with the system problem, which tends to slow down their computer efficiency, thus making their operation more difficult.

Though there are many factors contributing to it, you do not have to worry about this anymore since there are many possible solutions to the problem. It does not matter the cause of the problem, the underlying effect of the problem usually frustrate more so when you are on an urgent task on your computer.

What is Xtra-PC?

Xtra-PC is a flash drive stick that one inserts into a USB port on a personal computer. Xtra-pc is built by the Linux Foundation to surpass the old and slow windows operating system. The main reason for creating this device is to make your computer blazing fast, high performance boosted with the new, simple operating system with a great interface.

One can still use it even with faulty hard drives without any problem at all. From the way the USB stick runs, the existing computer files are not altered, and one can still access everything from the device. The good news is that it is simple to use and handling it does not require training, you plug it into USB drive port, then you restart PC to boot into USB, and there you are good to go.

Why Do I Need Xtra-PC?

In case you are struggling with a slow and old computer, and you are tempted to buy a new one to replace it, don’t. All you need is the Xtra-PC to solve all your problems. This is just a little portable thumb drive that does not utilize extra space on your desk. Moreover, it is much cheaper than purchasing a new computer which will perform the same task it does. It has a super speed with a fully-featured OS that overrides the outdated operating system, thus enabling you to carry out all your tasks perfectly well.

The product comes with a quality interface and operating system suitable for carrying out the task required urgently. It is portable, and the information can be retrieved faster than when using a normal PC. Typically, windows OS seems to be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks like hack and other cybercrimes. However, Linux is stable, and it makes Xtra-pc more desirable and dependable to customer’s needs, though it is not perfect.

Every machine has some hiccups, but Xtra-pc serves clients well, and that is the greatest reason why people should use it. Moreover, the package management, repositories concept, and other features make it more secure than windows. Linux does not require anti-virus programs used by windows, thus eliminating extra cost that one may incur on top of the initial purchase price.

Xtra-PC Rating and Benefits

There has been a positive response from our clients about the product; there is this one customer who bought Xtra-pc 16g for windows seven laptop. He followed the instruction on the gadget and came back to the store that his laptop worked as though it was new. From his review, he attests that his files and originally installed programs were not interrupted by the new hardware on his laptop. Besides, the laptop has been upgraded for five good years he had stayed with it. After buying the Xtra-pc, he has never complained again about the ability of the laptop.

The device is compatible with both windows and mac computers of 2004 onwards, and they are easy to install since one is required only to plug it into the USB port. Additionally, it is very affordable from just $35, which is much lower than what one can use on a new laptop. It also works with all operating windows, which make it more flexible to use. Besides, it is powered by the strongest operating system, Linux, which makes it virtually virus-proof and reliable to users.

Xtra-PC Key Features

Xtra-pc usually comes with a trial version of Minecraft for the new users or clients who wish to test the new technological breakdown of the Linux foundation. In case, the user already had Minecraft, all he or she had to do is to log in with username and password to begin on the task.

For those who do not have a Minecraft account, they can launch it by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut, then follow the prompts provided by the interface. Furthermore, it has other features that are crucially essential for users. By following all the instructions, the user can enjoy the innovative Xtra-pc with much ease. Other features of the device are as follows;

  • It has a date and time features in-built on the software.
  • Multi-monitor configuration
  • Network connection enable
  • Power management control that helps one to preserve energy.
  • Xtra-pc comes with an administrative user account
  • Manually setting for the monitor display on the desktop

Xtra-PC Customer Reviews

Creativity at its best, Xtra-PC is a breakthrough for tech enthusiasts and anyone that uses a PC. "I'm happy; it runs on windows so well that it adds more value, and this runs smoothly on windows 7 and 10," comments one satisfied customer. Another happy customer, Jane Doerty, says,"I mean, 40 - 80 $ only for Linux distro on USB-drive, this is worth every penny. As an IT expert, I cannot help but celebrate this. This device can be used by anyone with much ease. While there are a few customers that didn't entirely like the device's features, overall, it appears Xtra-PC has impressed many people out there. Get yours today and start enjoying its benefits.

Testimonials from Other Users

I've been looking for a reliable USB drive and came across Xtra-PC, which has 64GB of storage space. I bought it and was surprised to see that it has different features, but one that stood out for me is that there is a date and timestamp. This will help me organize my files and know which one's old and which ones are the newest on. - Susan, 34

Xtra-PC is one of the best USB I had because it is compatible to every operating system that I have. The best feature for me is that it has a user account which will make sure that my data will be protected and I will only be the one to access them. - Migs, 40

Where Can I Buy Xtra-PC Today

Order this device through the manufacturer’s official website. They are giving new customers discounts of up to 40%. Check out their homepage today.

One can also conveniently buy the device online from Amazon or any electronic store close to you. The product has different payment methods and variety to choose from depending on the customer’s preference.

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