Poetry Project

by caleb


I Wish I had a dragon

I Wish I had a panda

I Wish I had a red panda

I Wish I had a nicer cat

I Wish I had another laptop

I Wish I had Better head phones

I Wish I had a better life

Free Verse

i GoT a NeW gAmE oN tHaT vERy daY

I gOT tO pLAy iT aS wELL

I gOt tO eNJOy iT aS wELL

i gOT tO hAvE aLOt oF fUN

I hAD so mUCH fUN

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Story Of A Young Life

There once was a boy named Dan

He's friends with a boy named Ben

They go and play with there friends

But one of them was bad

So all went and lost there head

And now wonder looking for the heads

wondering if others heads are there's

but they cant seem to find there own

so now they wonder all mad

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