New and Emerging Technology

Phone Soap

Available for you TODAY! In today's world, majority of children and adults use cell phones. You may not realize it, but these cell phones are covered in tons of germs and bacteria. Now there is a solution! Phone Soap is a very simple product that uses UV-C lamps to sanitize your cell phone while also charging it. Phone Soap is !00% phone safe. It uses no heat, no liquid and no chemicals. Phone Soap costs about $49.95.


The Airgun is a battery powered mini air-compressor. It looks and works very much like cordless power drill. This item is great for use around the house. To use it, you first use its push-buttons to enter the desired air pressure, which will appear on its LCD display in your choice of psi, kpi or bar. You then hook up its hose, hold down its trigger, and start filling – it will automatically stop when it reaches the right pressure. The air gun is available for you today, starting at the price of about $70.

The Scent Rythum Watch

Looking at a clock face has beenthe way to tell time for ages. Aisen Caro Chacin however, wants people to be able to tell time using their noses. Her chimical based watch gives off different scents at different times of thes of the day. You get a fragrance of coffee in the morning, the smell of money in the afternoon, a relaxing whiskey scent in the evening, and a soothing chamomile fragrance at night. The Scent Rhythm watch packs four glass bulbs into its large frame. Each bulb is filled with around a milliliter of one of the four liquid scents. The cost for this product has not yet been released.