Redbull gives you wings

By Cameron Cowie


Scientist in Argentina have recently discovered that drinking Redbull for long periods of time will give you the capability to fly by giving you wings. This great product is so liked because of its great flavor and its ability to give you wings.


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Monster energy is no match for Red Bull, in recent studies its been proven that monster is not only more expensive but also really bad for you, it doesn't even give you wings like Red Bull does. Competition is good for this kinda product it pushes them to do new things and keeps them in line.


The price of Red Bull is only $1.99 which is much lower than its competitors and uses high quality ingrediants like pure sugar from Argentina. The better the price the more likely people will buy it. You have to have a good balance of quantity and quality of a product for a good affordable price to make the most money out of it.


This drink is perfect for all you action junkies, great do drink before you hop off the plane so you can grow your wings. It'll make old people feel young again. Product is great for those early morning fishing trips or those late night study sessions. It will give you the energy to get the job done.


This is a great product to invest in , its predicted to bring in the most money in 2016. After the research of the wings the charts increased in sales.