Course Update for Mr. Ricchezza

Physical Science, Earth Systems, Geology - March 17, 2014

Grades Are Updated

Grading is complete for the work submitted for the March 14 due date. Students who did not submit their work received a grade of zero, and a feedback item something like this:

Please login to your parent account and check your child's grade! If your child missed work from the last benchmark, they can still submit it (see the picture above for late penalty schedule) through Friday, March 21 at midnight.

News and Notes

Here are a few additional notes and reminders:
  • Some students received automated emails from the school administration that they are in danger of being withdrawn due to low grade and failure to login. Please note that students are expected to login to the school site and check school email every school day. School days are every day thru May 6 (non-EOCT students must also complete the final exam either May 7 or 8) except Spring Break.
  • Spring Break for GaVS is March 7-11. This has nothing to do with Spring Break at any other school they attend! If they have Spring Break at their other school some other time, they are still expected to login to GaVS during that time (much as GaVS being on Spring Break does not excuse them from going to school elsewhere). For those students who only have computer access at school, please send me an email letting me know when you won't be online, and try to get ahead by a week. Our Spring Break this year is in the middle of a two-week benchmark period (meaning there isn't a due date right before break begins), so that should provide some wiggle room.
  • Most students are doing pretty well, but some are slipping a bit on turning in their work on time. There is no magic reset button at GaVS - students need to do the work on time.
  • I'm here for help but not many students are asking for that help. I am online Wednesdays from 7-8 but it's very rare that students come online with questions. I understand some students have other obligations, but I'm available by appointment in the online chat room, and am always reachable by email. I cannot tell the difference between a confused student and a lazy student over a computer, but there's an easy way to tell in some cases. A confused student can ask questions.
  • There are only THREE more benchmark due dates! March 28, April 18, and May 2.
  • Only one of my classes is an EOCT class - Physical Science B. If your child is in Physical Science B, in almost every case they will be required to take the End Of Course Test (EOCT) as their course final, and their grade will not be released without it. There are rare exceptions usually related to students who've already taken it. Public school students take the test at their school with the other physical science students (who don't take the course online), and the testing date is up to the school, within a certain window of late April to early May. Private and homeschooled student should take the survey on "my home" and will be assigned a testing location for May 6.

Contact Your Child's Teacher

Got a question or comment? Don't keep it a secret - contact me! This is what I'm here for, after all.