PhotoShop & Illustration skills

Alvin. C - Rick Hansen Secondary School (Teacher assistant)

Description of Activity

Today i will be teaching you how to use PhotoShop(Blending Modes, Sepia, Black and White, Masking) and Adobe illustrator(How to tracing a character in illustrator).


The reason I choose these specific tasks to teach is that it is important for my daily routine in my job. As an art teacher assistant, I have to understand the software clearly to be able to answer and solve the questions from the students.

How to illustrate a character in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1: Sketch Before you start creating your character in illustrator, you have to hand draw a sketch first, and then scan it into you compute. After that, you can open it on Adobe Illustrator and start tracing it! (remember, when scanning the image into your computer, you have to save it as a JPG file)

Step 2: Get into illustrator

  1. when you open your JPG file in Adobe Illustrator(AI), you have to open a new layer first before you do anything.
  2. After you open a new layer on top of you image, you can “lock” your image to prevent that it will moving around.
  3. Next, you can start tracing the image by using the “pen tool” or “paintbrush tool”(tip: before you using the tools to tracing it, you can first dim the image somewhere between 30 to 45%, for you to tracing more easily)
  4. If you are you using “paintbrush tool” to tracing the outline of your character, remember before that you have to open the “Brush Definition” and then “Brush Libraries Menu”, and go to find “Artistic”---> “Artistic_Calligraphic”.

  5. And then you can start tracing it!!

  6. After you tracing all the outline of your cartoon character, you can fill up the colors by using PhotoShop.

Required Materials


PhotoShop software

Adobe illustrator software

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher: