The Trickster Charger!

The Charger That Tricks Your Friends.

What is The Trickster Charger?

Why have a regular phone charger when you can have the Trickster Charger? Compared to a regular phone charger, it is superior! The Trickster Charger is a quick and easy way to trick your friends. Pranksters, teens, young adults, you name it! Almost anyone can use it! It's a phone charger that doesn't charge your phone! Now, you don't have to make any excuses to avoid people you don't want to talk to. It'll make sure that you won't be bothered. Your friendship or relationship problems will just go away, and you will be happy again! Taylor Swift claimed "I don't have to be bothered by my ex's anymore. My stress has flown away!" So far, 2 million people have bought them! Hurry now and get buy them, before it's too late! If you buy it now, you can get a second Trickster Charger for FREE! Call the number below or visit our website.


99.9 percent of people are satisfied with the Trickster Charger. Most of it is the price! The Trickster is only $5.99. What a bargain!