The Year Of 2015

Sports and Entertainment Marketing - Faria Azamy

3 Compaines that Marketed their Companies the Best

1. Apple marketed their company the best every year because everyone is satisfied with their products. Every time they introduce a new product it gets better and better. They always have their own unique way.

2. Beats executed products that makes everyone enjoy and feel good about buying their products.

3. Hunter rain boots are becoming very popular in marketing their companies products. This year they've became very popular with selling their rain boots. Hunter boots are very high quality material which keeps the customers satisfied.

Best products of 2015

1. boosted board

2. MacBook light years ahead

Worst products of 2015

1. Hover board

2. BearPaw boots

Top 2 Movies of 2015

1. Furious 7 is one of many fast and furious movies. This movie shows dedication to Paul Walker who passed away. And it had a significant effect which makes this movie very popular.

2. Minions is originated from the movie Despicable Me. They made a good movie with the little cute creatures in Despicable Me, but people wanted to see a whole movie based on just the minions. So they made a movie called the Minions. The movie is very enjoyable to everyone and all ages.

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Top 2 Musical Artists of 2015

1. Justin Bieber has made plenty of albums in the past couple years. However, 2015 was his year. His new album "Purpose" has by far became the most popular albums of 2015. Justin took a break previously but has made an outstanding comeback in the year of 2015.

2. Taylor Swift is by far one of the most popular artists out in the music world. Her recent album is called "1989". Taylor Swift has always been on top. She just keeps getting better and reaches out to her fans.

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Top 10 basketball players in the NBA

1. LeBron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Anthony Davis

4. Stephen Curry

5. Russell Westbrook

New Year's Resolution

Personal Improvement- Study for tests and quizzes

Friends and Family- Find who my real friends are and eliminate the bad ones. Spend more time with my family and go out.

School and Other World- Get all A's and B's on my report cards for the rest of the school year.