Brynn Amacher: Period 1

Basic Facts

Islam is a religion whose followers are called Muslims. Muslims believe that God is one, just like Christians and Jews do, and that the purpose of him is to worship. They also believe that Islam is the complete version of faith. They worship in Mosque and their worship leader is called an Imam. The Islam holy book is a Qur'an. The Islam symbol is like a crescent moon with a star. Something that Jews, Muslims, and Christians have in common is that they are called Abrahamic religions, because they have history based on Abraham and the Hebrew Bible.

Holy Days

Ramadan is important to the Islam religion. The time period of Ramadan is June 28th through July 28th. Ramadan is celebrated for Muslims to show God their dedication. They also celebrate Ashura. Muslims worship on Saturdays.

Worship Pictures

Holy Cities/Places

One holy place is Ka'ba, Mecca. Muslims worship and pray there. Also, Najaf and Medina are holy cities where there is higher populations.

Islam Tradition

The picture to the left shows Ramadan, an Islam tradition.
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