Interested in Biotechnology?

Take GWSS 8220 - Science, Technology & Environmental Justice

Thursdays from 3:35pm-5:45pm in Ford 400

Seminar Description

This course examines current ways of thinking about the complex, dynamic, troubling, and exciting intersections of humans and new biotechnologies, nonhumans, and changing ecosystems. What aggregate social and political factors come together to form new interpolations of science and nature? What rhetorical shifts shape interpretations of ‘global’ health, environment, disease, intervention? What potentials do new technologies have for disrupting current forms of capitalism, or shaping new questions of ethics, citizenship, or liberalism? What new understandings are social scientists and scientists discerning about microbes and our relations with them? The seminar will be largely book-driven, including texts by Donna Haraway, Sheila Jasanof, Nikolas Rose, Stefan Helmreich, Sarah Franklin, and Stacy Alaimo.

About the Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

The Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota promotes scholarship that pushes established boundaries while providing a rich and rigorous undergraduate and graduate education that asks students to view the worlds around them with a curious, yet, critical lens.

Our undergraduate education provides students the tools to understand, negotiate, communicate in, and be leaders in a challenging, diverse, and increasingly more complex world. Our graduate program provides rigorous interdisciplinary training that enables students to conduct scholarly research and analysis both within and outside of academia. Our courses excite students by making clear how research, education, and social change go hand in hand.

The breadth and depth of our research and teaching interests—science, health, and environmental ethics; migration, race, and citizenship; collaboration, community, and feminist politics; race, class, and social inequities; sexuality, gender, and representation; globalization, culture, and power—are at the center of the University of Minnesota's mission. GWSS as a department offers students not just a chance to analyze the world, but to create means for revising and re-visioning society, and to learn how to imagine, envision, and enact social change in theory and praxis.