My Life in Pictures

The Story of Me

What these pictures mean....

The pictures above are the important events that happened in my life, in Kindergarten through 1st grade I went to Bowie Elementary school. At the beginning of first grade I moved to Commerce and went to Commerce Elementary, and at the time we lived at those terrible dorms at the College because my Mom was going to college and working at the same time. After my mom graduated we moved to these really nice apartments called Churchill, nicest place we have ever lived in. I made tons of life long friends while living there. We moved there when I was in the 5th grade and our class was the first ever 5th graders to go to the new A.C, Williams Elementary school. It was a big school. Then I went to Commerce Middle School, there is no picture of it because I couldn't find one. I fell in love with music and band. Band was my escape from everything. I love coming to band every single day. Now I am a freshman going to Commerce High School, living in a nice house, living a good life. Still doing the things I love. That's my life from then to now,