Civil Rights Leaders

Comparing and Contrasting their views

Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King Junior was basically the leader of the civil rights movement, if he said to try something almost all African Americans would go off and do it in the fight for freedom. MLK Jr only used non-violence, this proved to be highly effective in the fight for freedom. Non-Violence included stuff like sit-ins, marches, boycotts, etc. this was very effective because the Whites all around them would beat, scream, call them names , etc. while the African Americans would sit and take all of it in. This would make the Whites look like the aggressors and the "bad guys" in the situation. Non-Violence proved to be very effective and I would have to rate it at an 8, because even though it worked well it caused many deaths and injuries.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X came into the Civil rights movement during the time period of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X believed in fighting for freedom not peacefully but through violence and would encourage the youth of the movement to fight back. This proved not to be as successful as the peaceful protests because it showed the African Americans doing the same stuff the Caucasions were doing through the media. So the people werent siding with the African Americans as much. I would rate this tactic at a 6.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was basically the inspiration for the civil rights movement, she inspired African Americans to rebel against the racism of society. What she did was she didn't give up her seat for a Caucasian and so she was thrown in jail and the African Americans were outraged. This rebellious act caused the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the start of the Civil Rights Movement. This also called for Martin Luther King Jr. To power and to lead peaceful protests across America. I would rate her at a 9 for starting the movement but the movement caused lots of deaths.