Career Exploration

Jayden Brown's Student Portfolio

Different Kinds Of Students

I have taken a test to figure out how good of a student I am. Before taking the test, I have rated the top three statements of what I assume is my strongest qualities.

  1. I care about doing well in school.
  2. I get along well with my teachers.
  3. I am happy with my grades.

Learning Strategies

I learn best auditorily, or I listen more often to learn instead of hands-on time or visualizing it. I have taken another test and I am going to again highlight the three statements I most agree with.

  1. Sit where you can hear.
  2. Use flashcards to learn new words and read them out loud.
  3. Record yourself spelling words and listen to the recording.

School Habits

Homework. Homework. Homework

Homework is a extremely important part of your learning and school. There are many ways to complete your homework efficiently and smart. You can try making it fun. Once, I had homework to make a logbook of a volcanologist observing a volcano. I tried to make a tragic story about the troubles of defeating volcanoes. I pretended I was writing an actual story and I had as much fun as possible.

Reading For Fun

I way to read for fun is to pick a story or book that would intrigue you and interest you. This will help you not just read for school. If you like the mystery setting and mythology, I recommend the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I have read almost every single books of his and I never could stop reading. If you like mystery and fantasy, I also recommend Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I have also read all of the books and I was immediately hooked.

Good Character

Good Character is extremely important if you want to make it anywhere in this world. No one wants to work with a disrespectful slob, but they do want to work with a compassionate team player. I have taken a quiz to determine what type of character and job suits me. I have chosen to study the web developer career. This career falls under the focused category. Here are some question answers.

  1. I feel that I'm pretty good at focusing on a task at hand.
  2. I lose focus when I am distracted by other people either talking or making random noises.
  3. Being focused in life is beneficial because you can finish a task faster and much more reliably than a non-focused individual would complete the task

Exploring Careers

Trying A Career On For Size

I have taken another test to choose a career. It asked me for my specialities and interests and choose jobs based on that data. I have chosen the computer programming job. I will write everything I can find about this job.

Character Skills:

  • You must be able to think outside of the box
  • You must be a problem solver
  • You must be very patient
  • You must be able to work for long periods of time, often

High School:

  • You should take as many advanced math courses
  • You should take many science classes
  • You must take many computer science classes
  • Attend computer science summer camp


  • Computer Science Design: $76,800 / year
  • Software Publisher: $81,330 / year
  • Company Management: $75,830 / year
  • Employment: $72,140 / year
  • Insurance: $75, 570 / year
  • Game Developer: $83,060 / year