Cyberbullying Safety

By:Caroline Stepnowski

These are some images of cyber bullies.

Image you sent this text. Why would you do this? Image the feelings they are feeling. Stop. Before you sent a text THINK!!

This is another picture of a cyber bully message.

Image this is you chatting and you say this to this person. Why would you do this? They must feel scared, sad, mad, and unsecured. So STOP! Think before you chat!
Big image
These are some websites to prevent cyberbullying!

This is a website to help. Please take a look.

So for your safety and our safety this is what you should do.

So say they say "You are so ugly and fat leave this town" What do you do? Well first show an adult. Next you will ignore the person unless they keep texting you. Last you will say something to them ask an adult for help.

So for your safety and our safety this is what NOT to do.

They will say something mean "Your so weird and ugly" You will NOT reply back right away. You will NOT say something mean back... You will not show an adult, or anyone. You won't bully them back. This is what NOT to do!