Rc Drone

by Manny A. and Brendon K.

How does it work?

A device controlled by a human, using a controller, basically a flying unmanned robot. It is used with a controller and each controller has a screen, like the drone has a camera to let you see where you are at. “a drones are typically run by 2.4 gigahertz radio waves. To communicate with their aircraft, many drone controllers use Wi-Fi, which can be transmitted on the 2.4 gigahertz spectrum, and is something that smartphones and tablets can tap into without any accessories.”

what it is fullfilling

It gives entertainment to people. Amazon is thinking about shipping products with drones. Drones also help businesses like a home salesman; the drone will help take pictures of the house.

How it can be used in businesses

Some companies might be like Amazon and use drones to send their products to the costumers. Some companies might even use drones to take pictures of something. CIA can use them to spy on a suspect.

How it helps us humans

it can transport products to the people’s destination. Some people might even use a drone to take selfies or pictures when taking a vacation. People might even use it to help reach things that they can’t reach.
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Safety concerns

At feet of about 5.9, the drone can easily break if it falls. Drones can also break through people's privacy, which is bad. A child might get hurt if too close to a drone and it is on due to the blades.

Thoughts on the technology

It will last as long as it is charged and not broken. It will become obsolete when it does not charge or the blades don’t work.

What's the cost?

Its costs from 25$ to a couple thousand dollars, which the most expensive one cost 32,000$

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