Guatemala: The Struggle

From Bullets to Ballots by Matt Morrison

The Power of the Wealth and Military

Throughout the game, the Army and Wealthy controlled most of the Military Strength which meant that they were the most powerful. Their enemies which were the Guerillas, needed to make alliances and treaties to gain the power that the Army and Wealthy already had. They did so about two-thirds into the game. With their new power, the Guerillas gained slightly more and took over the country.

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The Shifting of Power

The balance of power shifted by the shifting of Military Strength Units and the takeover of the nation. The Guerrillas wanted to win their government back and make it into a Communist nation and did so, but the U.S.A took over after the Guerillas did and let the army and wealthy take the power and make Guatemala a Dictatorship.

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Cooperation and Conflict

Cooperation and conflict were shown by the forming of treaties, the silencing of Eli, and the “showing off” of power that was flaunted by Nathan. Many alliances were formed during this game but it was mainly the Guatemalan Guerilla Government vs. the U.S and Army and Wealthy.

Modern Family - Claire mocks Phil

The U.S.A

After participating in the game, I realized that no matter what the people in Guatemala did, ultimately the U.S had the final word. When the Guerillas took control over Guatemala, they created a government which declared equality. I felt that this was a fair deal but the U.S didn't it so they took control over everybody and let the Army and Wealthy make it into a Dictatorship.

Positives and Negatives of Power Shifting

When power shifts it first angers the person or group who lost power, and then the control is put in the power holders hands so there is a responsibility to make decisions. These decisions can either make people happy or unhappy. So when it shifts it starts conflict over what to do now that you now have. Overall, when power shifts it can be for the greater good or it can make people mad.

Conflict and Cooporation in My Life

Some relationships that I have that involve conflict and cooperation are with my family, but especially with my little brother. We fight about things like the computer and seating on the couch but we still have to cooperate with each other or our parents will discipline us. Another example of my life is on the soccer field. We do disagree about plays, calls, and other players plays but in the end we still have to work together to win and defeat the greater evil. (the other team)

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