Int. Day of Peace & Silent Journey

Wednesday 9/21/2016

International Day of Peace

10:30am - All children will assemble on the playground to sing "Light a Candle for Peace" synchronizing with thousands of other schools around the World.

During the week the children will create a "Hands of Friendship Flower" as part of their work for peace.

The Silent Journey

6-7pm - This is an adults only evening, there will be no childcare.

  • Come and view the Montessori classroom; enter the world of your child.
  • Walk and view in silence.
  • Spend time at each academic level (Tods 210, EC 204-206-208, L EL 212, U EL 214).
  • Watch the way that the materials naturally progress from simple to complex and concrete to abstract.
  • Feel the weight, texture, and temperature of the manipulatives, experience the materials.
  • Enjoy the peace, knowing that your child's daily experience is one of respect and honoring, as they chart their individual paths through the curriculum.