The First and The Last One!


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Welcome Note

Greetings SUPERNOVA!!

Please don't look for some cheesy message :P

Today, as we've almost come to an end of our Operational cycle for 2015, I write to you with utmost happiness and immense gratitude. I started off the year after taking the baton from Mohammed Zeeshan, now known most commonly for THE CLIMBER. And today whatever we've done and achieved, it is all because of you few individuals. I know I've been very harsh on you(senior members will know better) and I personally failed at several points with regards to my Leadership in my pursuit to be the BEST(Us). But all of you were with me, throughout and I wanted to showcase, just a glimpse of how much respect and reverence I hold for each one of you. and hence, this mailer.

Saying this, AIESEC.. Yes is a Leadership Development Organization and holds a very special place in many people's hearts. And that is something you should respect. Because, it has changed the way how youth like us, look at the world.

Recruited into the organization, that doesn't mean you can go around with the tag of AIESEC on your head and do nothing. I am serious about this, even today. AIESEC is an unexplored ocean, and has so much to give. And that is why, it saddens me when I say I'll be leaving the organization in almost 3 months from now. And I have so much more to learn. Think twice about your learnings, contribution and your reason for joining and staying in the Organization.

The Newsletter is huge. Maybe boring, maybe interesting to you people, but I typed down all of it with sheer excitement and contempt. Go through all of it. I've managed to fit in few beautiful moments all of you had, while writing, and I had, while reading. And yes, for the parts I couldn't fit in, let's put a scene tonight on the group ;)

I've made mistakes in my term. And something that's been disturbing me a lot, is YOUR experience. I know I've been the least appreciating most of the times,

- to a few people, and have been excessively generous to a few. It's for each of you to figure out what I mean. For the former set of people, you are AWESOME! If not now, your work and personality will definitely be appreciated in better places and situations. I hope this message conveys, to the people who should know.

And when I said we are done with our Operations for the year, I feel awkward. Coz I am not done. There's a lot more, left to do. The same with each one of you, I promise.


On a closing note,

We've had moments when we dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for the stars, create a SUPERNOVA effect to make the unknown known. We count these moments as our proudest achievements. But we need to lose all that. We need to remember that that we did turn over a new leaf for oGC. But....... we've barely begun.

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Awwwwww! :')

Each of you do not realize, but you hold immense respect and love for each other. Just go through the whole thing, you'll realize what I'm trying to say :)

AIESEC in 2016, for you, is?

Harpreet! ;)

He is extremely smart and laid back. He pitches really well for someone who hasn't really put themselves out there. It took me ages to start pitching like that. He is also a lot of fun to be with.

Akhil Rao! :D

Happy-go-lucky is one thing that enters my mind when I think of him. This makes him the little "happy bomb" that explodes in any group that he may be a part of. Always enthusiastic, works to achieve results and never fails to lighten the mood.

Karan! :')

Karan is probably the most sophisticated member in our department. The professional ethics he has, the way he carries himself and the never lose my cool attitude always impresses and inspires me.

Adviti! :)

She is one of a kind! I have seen a lot of changes in her after her GC experience. She is always calm and composed, a sincere-hardworker.

From being a new recruit to a person who will be guiding a set of newbies in 2016,how do you feel, and what do you expect?

Kayal! ;)

She is persistent and determined. If she puts her mind to something she will get it done. Once she started going pitching, she was on fire.I have never seen that kind of determination in AIESEC. I am so proud of her!

Aksha! :D

She attends any meeting she's a part of, with exemplary dash and radiates vibrant energy every time she does so. The perk and liveliness she brings to each meeting is something I personally, have never failed to draw inspiration from.

Elvis! :')

Our very own guitarist! Has immense potential, a silent-hardworker. He never fails to think Out-of-the box and give super valuable suggestions, when most required.

Ajay! :)

His humility and down to earth nature inspires me every single day. The respect he has for his co-members, TLs or the VP is so immense. He's probably the most fun and sensible person that I've workied with and I've immensely enjoyed the work.

What is the one thing you'll miss the most about SUPERNOVA?

Deepika ;)

Super Duper energetic. Unparalleled ownership towards the organization. Seeking inspiration and always eager to learn and tries to be the best for of herself.

Abhijeet :))

Abhijeet CAN NOT stop talking. His energy is contagious and his Egypt stories endless. A perfect example to how a product of an Exchange should be.

Akhil Manohar

So enthusiastic. He always manages to put a smile on our faces. His energy and enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and I love the fact that he never gave up. He went through quite a lot this year and still worked and tried. I am so glad his efforts paid off.


One of most lively people in any forum, she radiates energy, and makes sure the same liveliness is brought on to every one present. The most self-motivated person I've met, she goes work crazy (a brilliant kind of crazy), conveys brilliant ideas and thoughts every time she meets anyone and basically makes her charming presence felt.


Aks is an absolute sweet heart. She'll surprise you with her energy and always has a smile on her face.


A merit to the team- knows how to use his experience to his benifit. Super positive and is very very friendly. A very humble person.

Who is the one person you have bonded with, the most?

  • Pavithra: Aneesha. My partner in crime. My soul sister.

  • Sankirtana: As is the answer with a lot of people, I would say Pavithra. This is because this is the first time I witnessed her professional side and I've bonded with that side of her as well.

  • Sheryl: Pavithra. She's been my TL for 3 terms, Pushkar. My twin from another mother. Pranav. My all time fav bro and buddy. Aneesha. My oldest teammate and LCong caretaker 2 (After Roshni).

  • Abhijeet: My former TL and also my EP manager Aksha. She's always been there for me.

  • Deepika: Pushkar and Sanku <3

  • Vasundhara: I have bonded quite well with everyone, but topping the chart will be my team leader Sankirtana and also Abhijeet.

  • Pushkar: The person I have bonded with, the most, is you Rahul because I can share lot of things with you.You don't tell me what to do, but you will ask me some questions which make me rethink and come with a better solution.

  • Aneesha: Pavithra Bhaskaran.

  • Pranav: The most I bonded with, in the department is Pavithra and Aneesha.In AIESEC, so many.

  • Adviti: Illuminati! It's not a person but with the team that I have bonded the most. Every member adds his own flavour to the team and I can't imagine it with even a single person missing.

  • Elvis: Karan, because we have similar tastes in music and both of us aspire to be musicians at some level.

  • Harpreet: Akhil Manohar

  • Saurabh: I have bonded with my Team, and more over I have bonded the most with my TL Pushkar.

  • Ajay: My Team in Q3, especially Aneesha.

  • Akhil Rao: Aksha. She's been there as a team leader to guide me. And whenever I had issues, she would always be there.

  • Aksha: That definitely has to be you. I can say anything to you and you've always looked over me and been there. You've held me accountable to whatever I've said and given me space.

  • Akhil Manohar: I have connected to Pavithra, Pranav and Pushkar the most, professionally.

  • Karan: Aneesha. She has been been my TL for 2 quaters now and have grown to respect her a lot.

Sheryl! ;)

Sheryl is an amazing person. She has so much on her plate and balances everything beautifully. I don't know how she does it. I love talking to her! She has a great sense of humour and a bubbly personality. She respects everyone and shines in everything she takes up. I am honestly so happy I got to work with her for three quarters. It's been an absolute pleasure.

Vikram! :D

One word that comes to mind - responsible. Hard working and always one of the first few to respond to anything, he is one of the main dominoes that propel the chain reaction. His pleasant attitude in any situation is one of the qualities that make him endearing.

Saurabh! :')

A very quiet person. Does his job on time, never fails to surpass expectations. Has a lot of potential. Aspires to do great in life and seeks inspiration, and lives by his values and learnings.

Ishwarya! :)

Ishwarya aims high. She's been excellent as an EP and I wish her all the good luck in proving herself valuable to the entire department.

If you got to swap lives with someone from our department, who would it be and why?

  • Probably with you. I want to know the exact amount of responsibility you take on and the sort of time management you employ. --Sankirtana.

  • I love and respect too many of my peers for different reasons and wouldn't be able to single out a particular person. Aren't they all so... Vibrant? Am so proud of so many of them. --Sheryl.

  • It would be definitely you! This is because I want to see the beauty of this organisation from the authority level. I have plans and aims for this organisation and this position would be perfect to make that impact felt. --Abhijeet.

  • I think, with yours because i want to know how it feels to lead SUPERNOVA. Not any other team or person, but the whole of SUPERNOVA. The fears, the insecurities, the joy and the anger at every point. I want to know what it felt like and what you saw then and for the future. --Deepika.

  • I would swap lives with Pushkar. The one thing I have regretted is not being part of an OC and Pushkar has been part of plenty in his very first year in the organisation. His matching skills in the beginning of summer 2015 are something to look up to. He is also going through one of the most powerful experiences AIESEC has to offer. Having said this, I would prefer my own life and experience in AIESEC as it has taught me so much and changed me as a person immensely and I believe no experience is better than the experience of one’s own. --Parth.

  • I think Pavithra. I love her energy. the zeal with which she works is just amazing. Completing her part and then volunteering for more and never seeming tired. --Aks.

  • I would like to swap lives with Pushkar, because I admire him for his sense of responsibility and the incredible amount of patience he has. He managed to gain my confidence when I was an EP and then take interest in difficult situations and inconveniences in an EP not just as a manager but as a person and cater to their needs and demands. --Kayal.

  • It would be any of the new recruits who attended rather I would say “lived” the experience of an amazing RYLC. It is one of my deepest regret to not have attended one of those conferences which would have answered my each ‘why’ and ‘how’! --Vasundhara.

  • I would swap it with you. The reason being, I want to learn and acquire the knowledge you have and compare between you and me. --Pushkar.

  • Sankirtana. Because of the dedication and passion she has towards everything she does . Also, because I want to go on an exchange with the most ideal mindset.I'd have swapped with Rahul, but he's defined the path ahead so well for himself that I don't want to take that away. I want to make a beautiful future for myself as well and for this reason I'd rather not swap with anyone at all. --Aneesha.

  • No one! I am happy where I am :D --Pranav.

  • I wouldn't want to swap my life with anyone. Although, I may want to do it on a temporary basis with everyone to absorb all the positivity that every person has in SUPERNOVA. --Adviti.

  • I think I would swap lives with Karan Mathur because then I'd be in the city and everything in life except for college would be accessible. --Elvis.

  • Rahul, I'll swap places with you. I might not have the experience as you, but I thought our SUPERNOVA can do better in many places, and I want to be the change. --Harpreet.

  • I would not want to swap lives as I feel people are at positions for a reason but if I had to, I will swap it with Pranav as his job description is quite interesting and something that I would like to do. --Saurabh.

  • I'd swap lives with Sankirtana. She's an amazing leader, she is open and outgoing. Which is why I would swap lives with her. --Akhil Rao

  • That has to be Pushkar because the work he has done is remarkable. He's gotten a lot of exposure and contacts from all that he's pulled off.I also love the relationship he has with his team. --Aksha.

  • I would probably swap my life with is probably no one. But I would like to have an AIESEC life like yours, Rahul. The position you have earned which makes people look up to you, trust and follow you is something I would want to achieve myself. --Karan

  • I would swap my life with Pandey from our department because i want to see the way he sees the department and with his experience who have been working with other LC's as such which is very immense. --Akhil Manohar
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#earnit | #makeorbreak

LCong | Last week of Dec or 1st week of Jan | I want to see you there, please! :)

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH :')