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Issue 37 - 12th June 2020

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The Penultimate Week

As we edge ever closer to the end of the 2019-20 Academic Year, it is easy to forget the many events which have taken place, as although this year has had many challenges, I do truly believe it has made our learning community stronger.

I look back at the various festivals, excellent learning opportunities and the engagement with our community as real examples of success, which are key ingredients in ensuring that all children flourish. I am also proud to be part of an organisation which puts opportunity at the core, and am particularly proud of the professional development opportunities which are enabling many of our staff to further develop as professionals - a key driver in enhancing standards in our continual improvement cycle, critical in maintaining and driving standards!

I would like to personally thank our Playground Leaders for the commitment that they have shown this year. They are a highly motivated, positive and mature group of Y5 and Y6 students who have made the break and lunchtimes a far more pleasurable experience for all. Many thanks!

Thursday, I was particularly impressed and further reflected on our community - having attended the PTA AGM. On behalf of all present, I would like to thank all who attended, again, your dedication and support to the school is highly commendable - without such community spirit, we would not be the success that we are. It was also nice to share a few future developments with the group, which will be implemented next year, to hopefully further positively impact our school.

Finally, I would like to wish you a restful weekend, and look forward to welcoming you next week for the final time of this academic year.

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

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Reports available - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are happy to share that your child's last report and Individual Learning Record (ILR) are being prepared for you.

The ILR will be available from 4pm on Tuesday 16th June 2020 through the TESmile platform. It is the final report which focuses on your child's progress and achievement for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please do take the time to download this for your records.

We have made some adjustments this year to what we report and continue to welcome feedback on this through our PTA, PTC, or alternatively, you can choose to email directly to ptcfeedback@tes.tp.edu.tw or me. To help explain some of the information you will receive you may wish to refer back to the Parent Assessment guide, which aims to outline our school approach to assessment (https://taipeieuropeanschool.com), but should there be any queries feel free to contact me.

We do hope you will celebrate with your child the progress and achievements they have made so far this year. As ever, if you have any questions regarding the report or the Individual Learning Record then please contact your child's teacher.

Year 6 Leavers' celebration - by Mr Ale Massey and the Year 6 Team

As we approach the end of this challenging year we want to celebrate the successes of our Year 6 students as they prepare to move on to the next stage of their lives. This year's leavers' celebration will be slightly different but I hope that we can give the students the send off they deserve. On behalf of all the staff in Year 6, I would like to cordially invite you to celebrate with us on Thursday 18th June from 1:40pm. We will share more details with you nearer the time but we very much hope that you can join us for this special event.

Everything Begins with an Idea - by Mr Eamonn O'Callaghan

The students in year six have learnt about the creative process. Everything begins with an idea. Once the students had a starting point they began researching, that is collecting imagery related to their idea that could inform and support their work. They used exploratory drawing to create a range of ideas based on their research. Once they had several possible options they reviewed them and selected their best idea. They refined it further by making a practice version of their artwork in their sketchbook. Now the students were ready to start making their artwork. This process allowed the students to make art that is more developed and deliberate.

The last step in the process is to reflect on their finished artwork and consider what was successful and what could improve for next time. This is important to ensure that they continue to improve.

Transitioning from Nursery to Reception, ‘Reception Experts’ visit Nursery - By Mrs Jess Gosling

This week, several Reception children volunteered to visit Nursery to talk about what it is like as a student in Reception.

The discussion began with Reception children highlighting their favourite things in Reception, which included sand play, the marble run and a floating and sinking experiment. The Reception children showed confidence when speaking to the younger children and were excellent role models. The Nursery children listened very attentively and raised their hands to ask further questions. The main focus of the questions were ‘What is the day in Reception like?’ and ‘Do you have fun in Reception?’. The Reception children answered these questions very confidently and all confirmed that we have a lot of fun in Reception! One Reception child discussed how he had learnt to write and now he can even write dinosaur names! Another Reception child confirmed that there is play in Reception alongside learning. The Nursery children were also interested to learn about the cafeteria, especially how Reception children can also choose a school cooked meal. The Reception children explained that these were very delicious. We also discussed whether there was a nap time or not in Reception. The Reception ‘experts’ explained that there was a rest time, where we are calm and listen to music. Later in the year we listen to audio stories and read books! It was fantastic to see the Reception children leading a discussion and reaching out of the comfort zones.

Both Reception and Nursery children were so sensible and attentive, it was a pleasure to experience. Reception teachers are really look forward to welcoming the new Nursery children next academic year.

Yuri W

Year 5 Show Performances

Year 5 have been extremely busy preparing their end of term shows. Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 measures we are unable to have live audiences, however with our love of integrating technology, 'the show must go on,' we will bring the show to you in a variety of ways: shadow puppetry, green screen, Stop Motion, video recordings. Children have been involved with using their knowledge of myths by creating their own class myth or rewriting a myth and then producing the playscripts, costumes and props to bring their show to life. Look out for your completed version coming soon.

For 5.4, their show decision was to perform and video with a sound system in place. Created by the class through a whole-class shared writing session, 'The Siblings 3' bears all the elements of a myth created to entertain with its host of characters: greedy Kings, heroes and heroines, Goddesses and creatures, navigating adventure, problems and triumphs.

Year B5 4 show

Peak Challenge - by Mr Thomas Myerscough

Queenie, from Year 6, recently entered the Peak Writing Competition. The Peak Magazine is a magazine that is created by students at the ESC and they recently approached the EPC with regards to a competition they are running around creative writing, photography and art. The students were asked to enter the competition based around the theme of 'What's the world like today?'. Queenie took this as an opportunity to showcase her writing skills before her transition over to the ESC. The piece was described as having a 'sombre but balanced tone' by Mr Stallwood and describes how the events of COVID-19 has had an impact on our current lives.
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''What's the world like today?'' - by Queenie (Year 6)

Please click the link above for Queenie's article.

PTA AGM - by Mr Luke Chaeter

On behalf of the entire British Section, I would like to thank all who attended on Thursday. It has been evident, and further highlighted in the meeting, the fantastic work and commitment of the PTA to ensure our community continues to flourish. All of the BPS look forward to next year supporting the great effort and positive impact the PTA has on our school!

家長會 年度會議


Full STEAM ahead thanks to the PTA - by Mr Craig Gamble

Thanks to a very generous donation from the PTA, students at BPS will be moving full STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths) ahead next year and creating their own Arcade Games using BrainPad. Students will be able to create a game linked to an area of study in their integrated curriculum, explore coding, tinker with electrical circuits and use 3D Printer technology to design and create cases for the BrainPad, truly integrating technology to enhance their learning experience.

Unlike many other STEAM products, which are often one sided toys with limited potential, meaning that Students quickly “hit the wall,” and run into the limitations of the device.

BrainPad is an exciting STEAM mini computer for learning and coding games, robots and electronics meaning that students are only limited by their own creativity.


Friday Music corner12/06/2020
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Friday 19th June - Tribe Shirt Dress Down Day

We would like all students to come to school wearing their tribe shirts and casual clothes on the last day of the academic year. Please however ensure that your children wear sensible shoes such as trainers, but no sandals, high heels or flip flops due to health and safety.

6月19日星期五- Tribe便服日


No Gift Policy

Having the opportunity of teaching your children and working closely with families is an absolute pleasure, and an incredible gift in itself.

We have a strict 'No Gift Policy' and as such, cannot accept gifts. Please do not be offended, we are grateful for your support, which is a gift in itself!

Lost and Found

It is nearly the end of term. If you have any lost property, please ensure that you check the Lost and Found before the summer break.