Devil's Tower



Located in beautiful Bear Lodge Mountains, Wyoming.

Why Is It a National Monument?

Devil's Tower was made a national park because it holds significant value to Native American culture. Theodore Roosevelt wanted to protect it because of its cultural value to Native Americans and to keep it out of the hands of gold and other miners.

What Act Protects It?

The Antiquities Act of 1906, which gave the president the power to create national monuments and public land.

Why Should You Go?

You can climb rocks and hike on rocks and look at rocks!

How Many People Love Rocks?

400,000 people come every year for our rocks!
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What Do Roosevelt's Environmental policies reveal about the Progressive Era?

Roosevelt's environmental policy reveals a shift in trend from the Gilded Age. In the Gilded Age, the trend was using the land and natural resources for industry, but now, the Progressive Era favors preserving the land for the enjoyment of people, for a consumer culture.

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