Munhall Bulletin

August 21, 2020

What a Great Start!

Our school year has gotten off to a great start! It was nice to see so many smiling eyes as students returned on Wednesday morning. Our remote and in-person teachers, students, and parents are establishing routines, building connections, and troubleshooting technology through a problem-solving lens. I have been very impressed with our students as they are learning new routines regarding washroom use, handwashing, how to walk in the hallways, how to play at recess, etc. It is new for all of us, but our students and staff have done an amazing job!

As I stepped into classrooms this week, I am definitely seeing a common theme. Teachers and students are collectively engaged in relationship building activities. Classrooms are establishing routines, expectations, and commitments. I am confident this kind of focus pays year-long dividends.

In an attempt to communicate clearly and effectively with the Munhall parent community, you have noticed that I use a communication tool that allows me to make phone calls, text, and/or email communications. I have sent numerous messages throughout the summer, especially within the last two weeks. If you have not received any such communications, and wish to, please call the main office at 331-228-2600 and we can verify or add your contact information into our database.

Schedule Next Week

Next week our schedule will change for all of our students. A summary for each grade level can be found below:

  • AM Kindergarten will begin their regular schedule, which is 8:00-10:15
  • PM Kindergarten will begin their regular schedule, which is 11:25-1:40
  • All 1st and 2nd grade students will attend from 8:00-1:40. If your students are in-person learners, they will be served lunch during school hours, as well as attend specials (art, music, PE, LRC)
  • All 3rd-5th grade students will remain in a remote platform on Monday and Tuesday from 8:00-1:40. In-person 3rd-5th grade students will start attending Munhall on Wednesday, August 26th. Hours will be 8:00-1:40.

COVID-19 Parent Self-Certification

Next week, parents will continue signing their child’s luggage tag once they have completed the electronic self-certification questionnaire. A link can be found here: COVID-19 Parent Self-Certification Form

Read the following information specific to our mandated self-certification process:

  • Parents must complete the survey electronically before signing the luggage tag. It is not suffice to only sign the luggage tag—parents MUST complete the electronic certification form.
  • Students who do not have a signed luggage tag will not be allowed into the building until a parent has been contacted and the self-certification has been completed online by the parent.

Water Bottles

Due to safety precautions, water fountains have been disabled in the building. However, all of our touchless water filling stations are open for use. Therefore, your child is encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day. Students are allowed to fill their water bottles throughout the day. Due to the guidelines of face coverings in the classrooms, water bottles with straws are preferred.


At this time, there is no eating in our classrooms and instructional spaces. If weather permits, teachers may take their class outside to enjoy a healthy snack, where social distancing can be enforced and students can safely remove their face coverings. I would advise that snacks may not be able to be eaten each day, as days in which the weather is inclement, students may not have the opportunity for a snack.

Changes to Your Child’s PM Dismissal Plans

Thank you to all families who have submitted the Google Form that indicates your child’s daily dismissal plans. We know that things happen that may require a change in plans. Should there ever be a change to your child’s dismissal plan, please communicate with the school in one of two ways: Send your child to school with a note for their teacher, or call the main office at 331-228-2600. Please do not email your child’s teacher during the school day regarding a change in dismissal plans for that particular day. Many teachers are not able to check their emails during the day, and we wouldn’t want there to be a miscommunication.

Carpool Lane Arrival and Dismissal

Our K-2nd grade parents did a great job this week adhering to the guidelines of the carpool lane. I want to reiterate a few things that are important as we plan to welcome our 3rd-5th grade in-person learners on Wednesday:

  1. When entering the carpool lane, pull forward as far as possible
  2. Remain in your vehicle at all times when in the carpool lane
  3. Have your students enter and exit on sidewalk side (not roadside)

Also, please remember to take your time when pulling in and out of the carpool lane. Student safety is our number one priority. The first few weeks the carpool lane may be a bit slower than normal, but that is okay.

At the end of the day, all parents who wish to exit their vehicle and greet their child on 13th Avenue, should do so in a socially distant manner. Thick pieces of black tape have been placed on the sidewalk to show where parents should stop and wait for their child to be released. This will prevent overcrowding on the sidewalk in front of the carpool lane.

Finally, for safety and security purposes, our doors will remain locked, until staff supervision begins at 7:45. Therefore, we ask that you please do not drop off your child earlier than 7:45.

Have a great weekend!

Jarrod Buxton, Principal

Band and Orchestra

Calling all new Band and Orchestra Students:

Join us for a Parent Informational Meeting on Zoom!

Parents - Join us for one of two Zoom meetings where we will share a program overview presentation, safety precautions, and rental information. Both optional presentations are identical,and there will be opportunities to ask questions about our band and orchestra programs.


Wednesday, August 26 7:00PM Orchestra (Click on the link below to attend)

Wed. Aug. 26 7:00PM Orchestra Program Overview Meeting

Thursday, August 27 7:00PM Orchestra (Click on the link below to attend)

Thurs. Aug 27 7:00PM Orchestra Program Overview Meeting


Wednesday, August 26 6:00PM Band Parent Meeting

(Click on the link below to attend)

Wed. Aug. 26 6:00PM Band Program Overview Meeting

Thursday, August 27 6:00PM Band Parent Meeting

(Click on the link below to attend)

Thurs. Aug. 27 6:00PM Band Program Overview Meeting

Munhall PTO

First Virtual PTO meeting: September 8th, 2020 at 7pm