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Parent-Family Newsletter - November 28, 2022

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The complete Triton Public Schools calendar can be accessed here.

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School Communications

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Upcoming Flex Friday + Late Start

TMS-THS Families,

We wanted to reach out to remind everyone about the upcoming Flex Friday and Two-Hour Late Start.

Flex Friday - Friday, December 2

We have had great success with the previous Flex Fridays. The purpose of this alternative schedule is to provide teachers additional opportunities to help students learn material that they may be struggling with, complete missing learning experiences, and re-teaching/re-testing. This flex time will also provide enrichment opportunities for students that do not need to complete re-assessments or makeup work.

Teachers have had the opportunity to select students for Flex Friday experiences and the registration will be open to students on Tuesday. It is a good idea to check in with your child and ask them what they are doing for Flex Friday. If they are struggling in a certain subject this is an awesome opportunity to receive additional support.

On Friday we will have periods 1, 3, 5, Advisory, 7, and Lunch. We will then have two Flex Periods in the afternoon (1:00 - 2:00 PM, 2:08 - 3:09 PM).

We also wanted to note that juniors and seniors will have the option to be released from school at 12:15 PM. These students can qualify to leave early if they are passing all of their classes with no grades lower than a C.

Two-Hour Late Start - Monday, December 5

We will have a two-hour late start for staff development on Monday, December 5. The school day will start at 10:05 AM. We run even class periods with advisory. The schedule will go as follows, 2, Advisory, 4, Lunch, 6, 8.

Thanks for your continued support and engagement. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Luke Lutterman

TMS-THS Principal

(507) 418-7520

Kevin Krenz

TMS Assistant Principal

(507) 418-7510

Student Missing Assignments - Guide

We have received some questions from families about what assignments are missing and how they can best support their children. Each week on Tuesday (THS) and Wednesday (TMS) a missing assignment report will be via email.

Please access the information below to view this report at any time.

Triton Continues Restorative Practice Work

Triton Public Schools is committed to providing the best learning experiences possible for all students. We are continuing to explore and look for ways to refine our practices to match our Profile of a Graduate and our School District Mission and Vision. When reviewing our Mission and Vision you will notice that our most prominent core value is based on a positive learning environment that makes sure everyone is welcomed and has a sense of belonging. We want our individual and collective behaviors to match this belief. Therefore, we have made a consistent effort to prioritize Restorative Practices within our Behavior Management System.

Behavior management is and will continue to be a very important piece of teaching and learning. Although overall we feel the students and staff continue to do a great job, breakdowns will happen, and students will make mistakes. Every student has a right to learn, and academic, social, and emotional growth is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We are trying to move past the approach of thinking a simple consequence to a very complex negative behavior will lead to growth and improvement. We want to make sure that learning is the priority and that is emphasized through all areas of our school district. The key is that learning takes place through challenges and breakdowns in behavior. We want students to develop the skills and mindset to do what is right because that is what is best for them, and the collective group as opposed to complying to avoid a negative consequence or receiving a reward.

We do not want anyone to take restorative practices out of context. Traditional school consequences such as detentions, in school suspension, and out of school suspension are all still a very prominent part of our school behavior management approach. What we are trying to do is offer learning experiences through discipline and making sure students leave the discipline process better in hopes that the negative behaviors do not continue. This work is based on moving past simple compliance to engagement. Engagement requires compliance as a baseline expectation and adds personal commitment to the established learning norms and relationship expectations. Our overall goal is to continue to improve the conditions for learning for all students by making sure accountability is defined by understanding the effects of negative actions and having an opportunity to repair the harm. In summary, we want to make sure all are accountable for respecting one another and the learning environment. When mistakes are made, we will move past the traditional consequence approach and make sure students learn and can repair the damage created.

The visual offers a little more information on the differences between a more traditional behavior management approach Vs. restorative-based practices.

We thank you for taking a minute to read through this information and for your continued support and engagement.

Kevin Krenz

Luke Lutterman

Shane Van Beek

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Resources at TMS-THS

We have many services in place to help meet the needs of all students and families. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the services listed below.

Middle School (507) 418-7510

High School (507) 418-7520

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Cobra Kindness

COBRA KINDNE$$ is an account that was started by the Triton Taher/Kitchen Staff

to help families that are unable to pay balances for school lunches only (ala carte

items will NOT be covered by this account-those items are the family’s

responsibility-have a conversation with your child if this is an issue). As much as

we would like this account to cover the full cost of meals for every family in

financial need, the funds just are not there. Right now, while funds are available,

we will match your payment (up to $100) that you have added to your student’s

account. Example: If you send in $50.00, we will match that and apply another

$50.00 to your account. To do this, families would need to contact Misty L. by

phone or email, to see if they qualify. All conversations are confidential.

COBRA KINDNE$$ is taking donations!! Currently, the account is very low in

funds. If you or a business would like to donate, you can do so by check or money

order. Please make checks payable to TRITON and in the memo line be sure to put

COBRA KINDNE$$ Account. Thank you and we appreciate all donations for our

Triton students!

Please contact me with any questions!

Misty Langley-Food Service Director


Triton - MHS Induction

Congratulations to the following students on being inducted into the Triton chapter of the Minnesota Honor Society. These students have demonstrated the four qualities that serve as standards for the Society: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Please congratulate these students on a tremendous accomplishment.

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L to R: Row 1, Jozey Boe, Poe Broskoff, Casper Connor, Ameryn Dostal, Nancy Fernandez, Tyler Gnagey, Danielle Hallaway, Elizabeth Hukee

L to R: Row 2, Lauryn Nauman, Mallory Olson, Max Olson, Litany Peterson, Katherine Ross, Logan Tufte, Jessica Willette.

Congratulations - Mackenzie Geers

Congratulations to MacKenzie Geers on signing her letter of intent to join the track and field team and pursue a nursing degree at Viterbo University! Way to go Kenzie! #WeAreTriton
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Thanksgiving Meal During Lunch at Triton

A special thank you goes out to the Triton Taher Food Service Team! They went above and beyond to create an awesome lunch experience for our students and staff.
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TMS and THS Students Help at Elementary School

One of the best things about Triton is having all grades PreK through 12 in one building. Having everyone together creates many opportunities for our high school and middle school students to develop leadership and service skills while working with our youngest Cobras.

We have many high school and middle school students that are teacher's assistants and many more that volunteer their open and study hall time to help out and serve as role models.

Classes also schedule time to work with groups from the elementary school. Most recently, Mrs. Horejsi's Environmental Science Class partnered with our second graders. These students designed learning experiences for America Recycles Day. Mrs. McMahan's Child Development Class also hosted a group of Preschoolers for snacks and crafts.

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Triton Wall Wraps

If you have been through the building recently, you have probably noticed some new wall wraps in the entrances of the middle and elementary schools. These additions match the wall wrap that was installed in the activities entrance two years ago. The wall wraps add a nice touch as students and community members enter our buildings.

It should also be noted that these wraps were designed and installed by National Fleet Graphics. This local company runs a first class operation and they have been very supportive of our schools and activities programs.

Triton Public Schools would like to thank the Elementary TEAM Group and the Triton Booster Club for making these projects possible.

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Substitute Teachers Needed

We are always in need of substitute teachers. You can be a substitute teacher without having an educational degree. Our teachers leave great sub plans and we will help you every step of the way.

If you or someone you know is interested, I encourage you to explore getting a short call sub license with the Minnesota Department of Education.

Please contact Luke Lutterman with questions.

(507) 418-7520

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FCCLA Toy Drive

Please bring items to the THS or TMS Office. Donations should be made before December 2.
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Digital Tools Used at Triton

Triton Public Schools uses a variety of digital tools to support student learning. Technology vendors and software are utilized to support work as we help all students develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We have an inventory of our curriculum, testing, and assessment tools posted at and include an outline of the student data elements within each tool. This list is maintained and communicated annually to all families at the start of the school year.

Please reach out to Technology Coordinator Rebecca Goossens ( or Technology Integrationist Coltt Ullom ( for additional questions regarding specific digital tools used in classrooms.


Triton Public Schools

Triton Live Streaming

Live-streamed games and activities can be found on the Triton Activities YouTube channel and also at under the High School Tab. You can also go back and watch previous games and events.

Thank you for tuning in and for supporting our athletes and activity participants.

Speak Up For Safety!

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