Mint Chips

The worlds greatest treat

Our sells results

We have been selling and distributing for the past 5 years, and have earned a profit of 2 million dollars. People love our chips, and we sell them the most around Christmas time, where people have it at parties and festivities.

Come to our Shop

Look for our shop in your town, or local market. We also distribute to different branches such as Target, Central market, and even Wal-Mart. Our original shop is located in France, if you come visit us we give you a months worth of free Mint Chips.

Our Competition

We go up against mintychipy, which is a rip off, gross version. We sell 80% of the mint chips sales, while rude, rip off face mintychipy takes the other 20% of the profit. We are the original, better mint chip. Ours is lower in fat, and transfat, while also having a natural chocolate handmade in France. Our minty flavor comes from a collection of naturally grown plants, and extracts. This delicious snack gives you higher productivity rate, attention span and encourages mental stimulation. MintyChipy gives you bad breath and acne.

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For a large bag, which 3 whole lbs of MintChips, is only 15 dollars. It is literally SO AFFORDABLE. You can quench your craving for this delicious, amazing, mouth watering treat just by either visiting your local store, or ordering online! For a 1lb bag it is 5 dollars, and as you can tell each lb sells at a rate of 5 dollars.