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Perspectives for the KIS Teaching Community

The Secondary Library, A Value Added Service

The KIS Secondary Library holds countless opportunities for students and staff alike, but many of those opportunities are about so much more than books.

Take advantage of co-teaching opportunities where the Teacher Librarian can take tasks off your plate, collaborate, brainstorm, and bring new dimension and depth to your efforts. At no cost beyond an investment of time and planning, you have a collaborative partner at the ready. It simply takes trust, foresight, and a degree of risk taking.

The Common Core State Standards is riddled with terminology and expectations that require the expertise of a Teacher Librarian. As we refine and implement these standards on Atlas, the role of your Teacher Librarian becomes increasingly essential.

Take some time to read Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the School Librarian from the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). You will find that the days of the schoolmarmish book monger are long over.

(Go ahead. Read it now. I'll wait....)

Now that you have read it, you can see that we have an obligation to adjust the mindset of the library as "a traditional warehouse of materials." This is a shift I made long ago; the question is, have you?

Stop by and visit me to see just where we can take your students through deeper collaboration and planning. You can also visit the KIS High School LibGuide or KIS Middle School LibGuide to gain new perspectives! You should never go it alone. You have a natural ally in your Teacher Librarian.

Middle School Battle of the Books--Another Successful Year

We recently completed the 2014 Battle of the Books, and the final round of competition was fierce! Our three final teams represented each grade with pride: Team Fun Sized (grade 8), Team EXOTIC (grade 7), and Team Truth & Honor (grade 6).

After a very close back-and-forth exchange, Team EXOTIC correctly answered the final question to take the win. With fantastic support from the student body, our final three teams concluded an exciting week of competition. Congratulations to all who competed!

Countless thanks go to Ms. Anderson, Mr. Brock, Ms. Skidmore, Ms. Stahlberg, Mrs. Clark, Mr. Clark, Ms. Ramsey, Mr. McCullough, Ms. Odell, Mr. Forrestal, Mr. Jacobsen, and my rock-solid assistant, Ms. Chong.

Top 20 Titles for December and January

Students have been reading some great titles, as usual. You just might find something fits your interest at the KIS High School or Middle School LibGuides!

Read Your Music

We are currently featuring titles that put you in touch with musical genius and genres. Coltrane, The Beatles, Sinatra, Dylan, Aretha Franklin, plus Jazz, Delta Blues, Hip Hop, Metal; you name it, and we have it (thankfully, we have no Justin Bieber).