info for fossils

What are fossils?????????????????????????????????????????????

Fossils are the remains of an organism that could be covered by mold or cast in rock such as an animal or a plant, so fossils are like the remains of a living organism.

What type of rock are they found in

Fossils are mostly found in sedimentary rocks maybe other rocks but a higher chance in sedimentary rocks so I hope this helped you maybe find a fossil.

How are fossils formed?????????????????????

First something happens to the organism like it gets eaten and there are remains of the fossils then it gets buried by sand,soil.or any type of layer then it gets older and older then more layers come o it maybe more fossils and that's how they are made.


say a rat gets eaten by a cat and the cat leaves behind the rats bones outside in a area full of soil than wind blows soil away and some soil cover the bones then more and more soil covers the bones and you get a fossil.