April School Counseling Newsletter

Lear North Elementary School

"I CAN" Make it to Spring Break

Spring break is just two weeks away and it can't get here soon enough. In the meantime, since Spring is the season for growing and rebirth, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to help rebuild students' self-confidence. Lately, teachers have approached me to let me know that some students are lacking confidence in themselves. I decided to go into classrooms to help kids stand tall and what better way to do this is by reading them the story "Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon" by Patty Lovell. This story is about a girl that is different, but uses her weaknesses as strengths when challenged by others. Molly Lou gets confidence from her grandmother who tells her "believe in herself and the world will believe in you."

After reading the story I ask students if they have either an iPad, iPhone, or iPod and then ask what they can do on each. I then present to them the latest piece of technology that I've just purchased that blows all of the others out of the water. I show the students the "iCan!" I really build the "iCan" up to being something great and the students are so disappointed when they see that it is just a can with some construction paper and stickers. I cut strips of paper with the words "I Can..." and have them fill in things that they can do well on the paper. We go over all the great things they can do and then we put the strips of paper in the "iCan." I leave the can in the room and tell them that they can always go to the "iCan" whenever they are feeling like they can't do something and remember Molly Lou Melon and how she overcame her lack of confidence.

Ricky Sticky Fingers

During the month of March, students earned blue bracelets for showing honesty and trustworthiness because that is our character trait of the month. I found a cool book that I thought would be perfect for teaching students about this topic. "Ricky Sticky Fingers" by Julia Cook is a story about a boy named Ricky who steals from others and then lies about it. Ricky's feelings about stealing changes when something is stolen from him. He begins to feel just as sad as the other people that he has stolen from. Ricky eventually gives back everthing he stole and feels happy about this. Ricky learns that he can have the good in his head push the bad parts away.

After reading the story, I bring in my bucket filled with water and place a quarter in the middle. I tell students to pretend that the quarter is a lie. Then I give each student a penny and I tell the students to try and see if they can cover up the lie with their penny. It is very difficult to cover up the quarter (lie) and I tell students that all lies will always be uncovered.