Physical Geography

I live in Tyler Teaxs.Down here we don't get much snow from x-mas but we do get and of sunny and hot days.

Social oranagazin

I play little little league football for the longhorns and my family will be there to suppor me when im playing


I have freedom to what I do what I want and Im proud cause my race was treated wrong back then


I can only speak one language and that's English but my mom can speak two English and Spanish


Me and my friends wash cars for money$ but I normaly mow yards to pay for what I want.I also get money for good grades in school from my mom


I to kids church when Im at church and I like going to church

food and drinks

As a athlete u have to eat heathy in order to stay fit

art and literature

I like to read about sports so I read sport comic books and autobiography

custum and tradions

me and my family walth the dallas cowboys