Health Concerns of Children

Chapter 7

Health Concern: Hearing

  • Child's hearing is usually well developed during Middle Childhood.
  • By age 11 most children have auditory awareness .
  • Untreated ear infection causes permanent hearing loss.
  • Movement of eustachian tube prevents later infections.

Health Concern : Vision

  • Ability to focus improves.
  • Some preschool children are somewhat farsighted.
  • Most middle childhood children are nearsighted.
  • its important to get eyes checked regularly.

Health Concern: Teeth

  • During MC , children lose primary teeth.
  • Common problem in children is tooth decay.
  • Children with poor dental health get cavities.

Health Concern : Obesity

  • A Common problem for school age children.
  • Considered obese if over 20% of average weight.
  • Effects 25% of children.
  • Overweight children lack self esteem.
  • Obese children are often teased.