Billie Holiday Bio

by Aundranna Jenkins

All About Billie Holiday/ Eleanora Fagan

The child of Sarah Fagan and Clarence Holiday . Sarah Fagan only thirteen Clarence Holiday only fifteen . When Eleanora Fagan (Billie Holiday) was born on April 7 ,1915 in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania. She developed the name billie from; her father who called her bill. Billie's Father left at young age she was forced to was live with her Mother. Clarence Holiday left to achieve his dream in music so he joined a band that later Billie Holiday joins. Holiday inherited the music jeans from her father who later became a very good jazz musician as well. Later , Billie Holiday became one of most influential jazz singer in all time . She made on the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame later on in life. Holiday became one of the only first African-Americans To perform and produce with a white a band. Holiday produced some of the most wonderful music such as "Strange Fruit" and "Lady sings the Blues". People described her of having her own type of elegancy when she sings a beautiful , smart , inspirational lady. Holiday had a few downfalls after having good musically career . She later dies of disease called Liver Cirrhosis. Liver Cirrhosis is a disease that causes your liver not function as we'll. Died at age 44 on July 17, 1959 .
Billie Holiday - Mini Bio
Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday- Lynching in the 1930s

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