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The Lifeboat

More Survivor found From the Empress Alexandra!

By Charlotte Rogan

The lucky survivors were found a short time ago in a Lifeboat by a Icelandic fishermen go out for his rounds. A few of them were Mr. Nilssion, and young women Grace, Hannah, and Mary Ann (full names not shown for privacy).They called it the Titanic of 1914! But not all survived and we will set A memorial for all who lost their lives.
As survivors told us a lot of trouble they had on their journey. From loved ones and friends lost in the misted of the sinking to running low on food. They said at the start the had 39 passengers in their lifeboat but tragically came back with only 28. They are now suing the ocean liner company for not enough room in boats, failing to act quickly in time, and for expense for all of died that fateful day.
As the other survivors tell us that they had rough times other than the sinking. They all nearly lost all of their food they all exclaimed, and that day by day people thought they saw light but were false and thought they were going insane, sadly more people passed on. Until they were right and a icelandic fishing boat found them and picked them up. He tells us that we wasn’t expecting to catch anything more than fish that day.

Meanest Man at Sea

Terrible: being bad, lying, not telling the truth to anybody and trying to kill someone is terrible. In the Book The Lifeboat The character Mr.Hardie apparently Works aboard the Empress Alexandra. When it sinks he makes it aboard the lifeboat and he seems to be a resource at sea, then to turn out to be a nightmare. In the beginning he is nice and helps with other things like food and supplies. But each day he gets more bad. As when the try to get to another lifeboat in the water that has supplies and other goods, but takes control and denies because his nemesis Officer Blake is aboard it. Also he lied about him and Blake sending distress signals for the Marconi room at the sinking. those are not the worst things so far He took all the men at one time (7 at the time) to draw sticks and the two people with the smallest sticks must go over, but three went over instead The Deacon, Mr. Turner, and Mr. Sinclair. Then Finally in a storm by “Accident” his knife went deep into Hannah's face and lost the knife and a box of supplies Hannah was holding. But then On the 14th day in the lifeboat Mr. Hardie went mad. “Ye won’t get me yet, Ha! not if I get ye first” P.190 at this this time you see why I used terrible. He tries to kill all the people in the boat because he has gone completely insane , but luckily Grace (the main character) and Hannah restrain him and then throw him over the side into the deep blue ocean. Mr. Hardie from the start lied, put innocent people to death and drop dead rude to every single person in the boat, he never should have been there in the first place (being insane won’t help)and this is why Mr. Hardie is a terrible person.

Timeline Between 1914 and Now

Sure is Great in 1914!

In The lifeboat The book takes place in the year 1914 (two years after one of the biggest ship disasters in history happened, The Titanic) and in in the first few chapters of the book it gives out a few hints besides just telling you in the beginning. On page number 9 just after the Empress Alexandra went under the first thing that a character says is “Row your bloody hearts out!” That shows that this is not a high tech boat that has fancy gadgets on it so instead they do the old fashioned way and just do rowing. The next to spotlights are on the page 39 and the first one tells us that the ship sank because there was an explosion and the ship caught fire. This tells us that this is that time period because today we have more safety and the wood on the deck of ship now are more durable so they would not catch fire. Also if all these things did happen people would have phones and call and have signals to call in for help. Then the finale thing is still on page 39 nine and a character tells us that during the sinking he was in the Marconi room sending out messages to other ships. This also tell us that it’s 1914 because today we don’t use Marconi rooms, we use more high tech like computers and transmitters to call for help and report anything bad. So these are all piece of a puzzle that tells us about this time period.

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