The Most Dangerous characteristic in the Hunger Games

What Will The Liger Do For The Capitol?

Imagine, entertaining bloodshed for all of Panem. Imagine, the best Hunger Games since the first.. Imagine, citizens of the 12 districts, obeying and respecting the law. Imagine, the capitol of Panem being the best government in the history of the world. The liger will bring all that to you, it will make the Hunger games more enjoyable, more entertainable, and strike fear into the heart of all the citizens of the districts because of it’s terrifying looks, and abilities.

Why Use The Liger?

Using the Liger in the hunger games would be very beneficial to the capitol. The Liger will hunt down the desired tribute stealthily, take them down quickly, and at the same time make the best hunger games in the history of Panem.