MacBook Air Tips & Tricks

May 5, 2016


You can customize many features of your computer using the options in System Preferences on your dock. Below are just a few ways you can customize some features.

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General Preferences

Here you can change appearances, scroll bar features, web browsers, and more. I found a helpful item to change was changing the scroll bars to always show instead of only showing when scrolling.

Desktop & Screen Saver

Here you can set your desktop picture using presets or upload or own picture. Pictures can also be set to change(every 30 minutes- several days). You can choose your screen saver picture and when it will begin (never - 1 hour).


You can adjust the size of your dock icon, the magnification of icons when you scroll, where you dock is on your screen (right, bottom, left), and other options for opening and closing item on the dock.


The trackpad section is broken down into three parts: point & click, scroll & zoom, and more gestures (mostly swiping options).

There are many trackpad features that had already been turned on for you. Here you can turn features off or customize part of a feature (tracking speed or the number of fingers used when swiping).