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February 27, 2019

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Farmersville Makers - Making!

Picture STEM-using picture books to Inspire STEM learning in the classroom. After reading the picture book, Seaver the Weaver, about a spider who weaves unusually shaped webs that are based on geometrical shapes, the kindergarten students in Kelly Jones’ class headed to the Maker lab to design their own webs. Combining the power of story with science, math, and hands-on-learning results in an engaging educational experience. To learn more about picture STEM visit
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Mrs. Wilder's Students Host Our First Podcast!

Four grade 2 students created our first "Student Voices from MSD of Mt. Vernon" by interviewing their principal, Mr. DeWeese. Give it a listen HERE. We hope to have different classes host podcasts about every two weeks. If you are interested in doing a podcast, please look at these NPR resources for ideas. Fill out the Google Form to propose a podcast. We will help with everything!

Think Student Podcasts Might Be Meaningful for Your Class? Watch this Video!

Melanie Potts Grade 2 students and Measurement!

Melanie's students were introduced to the Dash robot. They learned how to program Dash to move forward, backward, and turn right or left. They were given the task of estimating the measures of objects in their room in centimeters. After measuring how far Dash can move, they could then use Dash to check their estimates. Measurement and robots go very well together! Farmersville teachers, you have 10 new Dash robots in your makerspace. Let us know if we can help you implement these engaging tools in YOUR classroom!
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From Kasey Bell:

"I have a new presentation about some lesser-known Google tools, Stranger Google: Crazy Tools From the Upside Down, with a fun, Stranger Things theme.

I love to share the lesser-known tools! You can check out a previous 4-part series, The Golden Treasures of Google here to find even more tools.

Although the theme of this presentation is probably not appropriate for K-12 students, the tools featured below are definitely appropriate, educational, and fun!"

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Drop in and see the amazing things your partners are doing on DLD!

Thursday is Digital Learning Day! Are You Ready?

The countdown to Digital Learning Day (DLDay) is on! Are you joining the thousands of teachers and students across the country celebrating DLDay this THURSDAY? Make sure you're ready with these five easy steps.

  1. Add your event to the official DLDay map.
  2. Share out DLDay countdown graphics on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #DLDay.
  3. Print and hang these DLDay posters in your school, classroom, or library.
  4. Check out activities, ideas, and resources for your DLDay event.
  5. Register for our DLDay LIVE webinars on driving innovation and change.

Ready to Kick Off the DLDay Countdown?

Mary Feagley - We will be creating a Breakout and travel back to the future, 1984!

Erica Thomas - My creative writing class will create a digital poem using an original poem along with the techniques and examples we will discuss in class

using some of the following resources

De'Shea Kueber - Video recording: Using a recording devise to read a book and then listen to it!

Staci Reese - Gimkit on current math unit

Tammy Allison - Students will add oversized card stock coding blocks to move a classmate, on a large grid, to a goal.

Connie Jesch - Students will collaborate to create GimKit questions using vocabulary from out geometry unit.

Laura Davis - 7th - Using 3-D printers to print food (appropriate portion size) 6th - Voice over silent movie clips (nonverbal communication skills) Adding activity slides to Google Slides with NEARPOD!

Courtney York - Virtual Field Trip (Arconic Plant in Austin, Texas)

Pam O'Risky - Student Voices from MSDMV - District Podcast featuring different classrooms in our district

Karen Burke - A lesson on Plate Tectonics using Nearpod - it will include slides featuring pictures and information, interactive slides, videos, a virtual field trip, and even a SONG!

Lori Wilson - Using Dash and Dot robots

Brenda Zoller - Making Math Come Alive

Michelle Johnston - We are going to create an AR quiz game and use google cardboard VR viewers to play it and exchange our games.

Julie Jackson - Students will utilize the Glogster app to create multimedia posters.

Jacquelyn Cobb - Virtual trip to the White House

Paul Quinzer - We will be using google earth and placing layers on the earth to show temperatures around the globe, then a layer for humidity, and a layer for pressure. Then, looking at real time weather maps, students will investigate the patterns they hopefully will see.

Chelsea Mayer - We are tracking our miles across America on a Google map. We will be close to determining if we will make it to the Golden Gate Bridge from the Statue of Liberty!

Kate Offerman - Recording reading passages with partner on I-Pad to hear fluency and accuracy in reading

Sarah Wildeman - Gimkit class competition on circles

Thursday's Chat, Chapter 10! Join Krista Cartwright and Pam (Moderators)

Our Twitter Book Chat continues TONIGHT!

Collaborate with MSDMV peers, and chat with, author of Pure Genius, Don Wettrick and his daughter, Ava Wettrick!

  • Feb. 28 - Chapter 10 - Moving Forward and Coming Together

Missed Last Week's Chat? We had a LOT of Student Voices!

You can read the archive here!

Chirpified: #MVeLearn Pure Genius Book Chat - Chapter 9

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