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The Luck of The Irish & The Magic of Mexico

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The Ides of March has passed and now there are two weeks left. What to do, what to do...

It's time to do an honest assessment of how close we are to achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Are we even close at all? Why? Why not? The question to ask yourself is what could we be doing to do more? What is missing for our talent to be successful and accomplish their goals?

It's now or never, we can't expect luck to get us very far - how bad do you want it?


What's Included?

  1. Team Standards Update
  2. Vamos a Mexico!
  3. Steering Team Output
  4. Curious Cat #10
  5. Your Questions Answered

Team Standards Update

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Here's the snapshot for this week! Shout out to Appalachian, Ohio University, and Mizzou! As well as all the LC's that made a great effort to get their teams beginning it this week - there are a lot more LC's on this dashboard than last week!

It's better and it could be even better - keep pushing proper team management in your LC's. I have seen it time and time again that some of the major bottlenecks come from failure to implement one or more of the team standards.

Right now these are the 3 elements that are being implemented the least:

  1. [TEAM] My team has had at monthly review for this month
  2. [TEAM] My team has had at least 1 team building activity during this month
  3. [LDS] I have provided at least 1 leadership development space using the global learning environments this month

Maybe providing more of these spaces could help your LC.

Let me know if you or your EB wants support :)

Check out the Steering Team Output!

There is some stuff on team standards implementation, including a collaborative document where LCP's and VP TM's can put sample activities for each of the team standards elements. I encourage you to take a look!

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This is when AIESEC gets real real real. Alena, Rachel, and several LCP's and VP's went to the Border Summit in Mexico last week for the first conference between the two entities and hearing the stories of everyone who attended reminded me how purposeful AIESEC can be. How much we can actually tear down stereotypes and bring positive change to the world.

Now there is an amazing way to put our partnership into action with our IXP campaign! The first 30 AIESEC US members to match to Mexico by the end of March will receive $100 off their match fee! And that's on top of whatever campaign your local level is doing.

So why should you care?

  1. There is a chance for your members to be a part of a movement to #BreakTheBorder and bring back what they learn from Mexico to their own communities
  2. Your members will be excited and will gain a stronger understanding of their purpose and place in the organization and how they are developing
  3. Exchange is contagious. The more members you send this summer on exchange, the more will go in the winter and next summer as well - this could begin a stronger culture for your LC
  4. You will meet your exchange goals faster. This is the more sure-fire way to achieve your goals. How many members do you have? What if even 1/3 of them went on exchange this summer?

And the real question to ask yourself is why are your members even in AIESEC if they don't want to have the full AIESEC experience? Are they the kind of members you want running your operations? Maybe, maybe not, but it's something to ponder for sure.

I encourage you to set goals with your VP oGC for IXP for the summer - this is a great strategy for them and this goal should be shared by the two of you. Use the other #6for10 projects as well!

Check out the resources below to help you launch it in your LC!

IXP Mexico LCM Template

Check out this LCM template for some fun activities and ways to introduce IXP to your LC! Stay tuned for an amazing video from Aaron coming tomorrow!

Check Out the New #6for10 Website!

Mexico is featured this week! Use this to showcase these amazing opportunities to your members!

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Your Questions Answered

How do you delegate work effectively in different teams?

When it comes to delegation, one of the best things you can have is a clear plan. Without this it's difficult to get a good grasp of the bigger picture as a team leader. And when you do have it, it's easy to see exactly what needs to be done to achieve the goals for each week.

Then once you have allocated responsibility, it is all about the follow up (aka tracking). The best tool to use is the master tracking tool in each of the functional tabs that allows you to map out the activity for each member each week.

Another key to delegation is to not delegate tasks, but to delegate responsibility. Most people are not keen on being told what to do but if it's framed in a way that they own this portion of the pie of goal contribution then they will often get more excited about it.

This also means giving members some freedom to eat their portion of the pie however they want - a spoon, a fork, their hands, etc. - as long as they eat it.

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What are some great leadereship development activities?

It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish. A good place to start though is to look at the 12 defining elements of the LDM. To brainstorm ideas, make combinations of those with the global learning environment elements. That is sure to spark something interesting.

For example:

  • Combine communicates effectively in diverse environments with a team experience
  • Or try transmits positivity to move forward throughout uncertainty with one to one
  • Or focuses on strengths over weaknesses with learning circles
The possibilities are endless! If you're stuck, think about all of the best leadership development activities you have experienced. What were they? What was the flow? What were you doing during it? What were you feeling during it? What powerful questions were asked?

Also, google is always a great place to get inspiration - TED talks are great too - I've turned several TED talks into activities (remember the World Citizen session from RoKS?).

The most important thing to remember at the end of the day is to have a clear objective. Otherwise how will you know how to get somewhere if you don't even know where you want to go.

Natalie Rodgers

Member Committee Vice President of Talent Management

Contact me with any questions!