The Georgia colony

by:Chevelle Ratcliffe

Georgia colony

It has been a long time since the English established a colony.James Oglethorpe,a English general and a philanthropist,with 21 other men they made a new charter to make a new colony named Georgia in honor of King George.The grant gave then land between the Savanna and Altamaha rivers.The Georgia colony is one of the 13 colonies located at the Atlantic coast in North America. The 13 colonies were divided into three areas New England,Middle, and Southern colonies. Georgia was one of the Southern colonies.The georgia colony lasted from 1732 till 1776, when it joined to be one of the 13 colonies

Religion in the Georgia colony

When James Oglethorpe founded the Georgia colony it was used as a refuge for criminals and the jews.The main church was Anglican Church and the big church in the Savanna was the First African American Church.The church was made in 1788.Many different religions were believed in the Georgia colony.

Government and laws

Georgians were given a chance to attend in governing after the Georgia colony became a royal colony.The Common House of Assembly with people that have 500 acres of land at least maybe elected to pass laws for the colony.Before the Declaration of Independence the georgia patriots made a provincial congress.Georgia's first constitution was written in the year of 1776.

Georgia colonies important dates

1777-Georgia got a constitution.1754-The Georgia colony became a royal province.1742- Troops crushed the spanish.1733- James Oglethorpe and 120 other men arrived in what is now the Savanna.
  • The Georgia colony was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe and other colonists.

James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe was born December 22 1696 and died June 30 1785.James Oglethorpe was the last child of Eleanor and Theophilus Oglethorpe.As James grew up in 1714 James was admitted to Corpus Christi College.Later James dropped out of the college and went to a military academy.In 1731 the college gave him a special M.A.In Noveber of 1732 114 men,women,and children set sail for the new colony.In 1785 James Oglethorpe died at the age of 88 six months before his 89 birthday.He was buried at Parish church of All Saints.