Thoughts from 5 year old me...

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I remember it so clearly. It might even be my most distinct childhood memory:

I think I was probably about 5. It was summer holidays, the early 80's.

It was a lovely summer day, blue skies, puffy clouds, green grass, the birds were chirping. A beautiful day.

We were at home for the summer, my dad my sister and I. My mom was a nurse and worked shifts but dad was a teacher so I remember spending much of the summer with him. ( he also got us up and ready for school most days during the school year, which is quite apparent in the above school picture. That is in fact dirt on my nose, yep! LOL ). He taught High school building construction, and was always the type that couldn't really sit still. Always working on something and dreaming up the next project to get to, bringing us with him here and there and every day was a new adventure. I'm not sure what he was working on that day, but I remember coming outside and hearing the saw running and hearing the familiar bang of the hammer.

He was putting all the scraps of whatever it was he was building in a big pile in the back yard, on the grass. To me it was a lovely mess. A pile of possibility.

I knew immediately what I would do. The entrepreneurial gene has always been inside me, and this vision was clear in my head. I saw colour, laughter, line-ups of the neighbourhood kids, all paying good money for what was sure to be an incredible experience. I knew that once it was complete they'd all line up to try it. I could hear the carnival sounds, I could even smell the popcorn. It was all as clear as day in my head.

I knew that day my task. I was to build a ferris wheel of course!

The thought that it might be hard really never occurred to me. I set to work, helped myself to what I needed and started to bang on nails and make it happen. I don't remember doubting my idea for an instant. Thinking it was too hard? Not for a second. It was something I just had to do..

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Even when I told my almost 9 year old today what my little 5 year old idea was, he laughed, thinking about how childish and funny that was. How impossible, and impractical it seemed. Any adult would say the same thing, of course they would.

But to me it was TOTALLY POSSIBLE.

Funny that I don't even remember even how the story ended.

I know that it didn't end with the crowds of kids or the pockets full of coins I had initially envisioned in my head. I'm not even sure if I stopped because someone told me that I couldn't do it. I was probably distracted by a pretty butterfly flying by, or we went in for lunch and I then started fresh on a new idea and completely forgot all about my once precious ferris wheel.

What is memorable to me from this story is how I felt about MYSELF and WHAT I COULD DO. The fact that it never crossed my mind that it might not work. That I never even considered that I might not be able to do it.

Do you remember looking at life like this when you were five? It's such a refreshing thought for me now to think about.

DOUBTING ourselves, focusing on what is hard, and what is stopping us is often what occupies our thoughts now as adults. It's often the reason why we give up or don't even get started in the first place. Why we talk ourselves out of what we really want and what we so deserve.

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What will your FERRIS WHEEL be?

I'm building up a bit of courage and chasing away the inner doubter..

I can't wait to tell you my big 'FERRIS WHEEL' plan tomorrow!

I love a new month, a new goal and a whole month filled with BELIEVING…

And I can't wait to hear what yours is too!

Like my sweet Daddy said to me every single day before I went to school:

"Work hard, and it will come easy"...

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Hilton Clark Mierau

January 1, 1948 - May 9, 2009

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