Happy Holidays!

December 19, 2014

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The Christmas countdown has officially begun!

I have to start off by saying THANK YOU! Thank you to every single parent for your constant support. I feel so happy to know that we can count on such a great group of parents! Since Monday during our fieldtrip, to see so many mommies and join us and spend time with us, it honestly made me happy that you are all always willing to be part of our activities. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

THANK YOU also for making a beautiful Christmas party for all the children. It is priceless to see their smiles and see them enjoy. Special thanks to our homeroom mom Mrs.Lia and all the mommies who made this happen. Mrs.Regina for putting together the photobooth and taking amazing pictures and after adding the borders, so thoughtful. Such a beautiful memory!

Ms.Andreina and I would also like to take the time to thank each one of you for all the affection and details you have shown towards us. I have really enjoyed getting to know all of the kids this year, watching them grow and mature, and see how far they have come since August! I hope you all enjoy your Holiday Break, and we'll see everyone back, well rested and ready to learn on Wednesday, January 14th!

Happiest of Holidays to each and every one, wish you and your family the best always.



Celebrating: Wheels! Parque Omar!

Happy Birthday Cameron!

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Christmas Party + Photobooth

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Tip: Selecting Toys

Holidays are time to be spent with family, that is the greatest gift of all. Of course it also means toys and gifts for many. A tip I would like to share is selecting toys for their age. Toys that are age appropriate, safe, encourage creativity, free from stereotypes, non violent, durable, and help to develop and strengthen skills are the best types of toys to buy for kids this age.

Make sure the toys you buy for your child are consistent with your value system. If you promote non violence, you will be sending a mixed message if you buy for example your child a toy gun.

The best thing is always to share and connect with your child. Many toys do not have to be purchased. Putting together prop boxes provide hours of entertainment for both of you. Giving wood scrap to glue together, making play dough, and designing your own books can be creative learning experience.

Home Activities for the Holidays!

Holidays are special time to be with your family, but you can always incorporate fun activities to keep encouraging letter recognition and number.

Number Hunt: This is a number recognition game for home! It is super fun and easy. You just need POST-IT and a marker, and write on each post-it a number. Put the Post-its around your house and have your child recognize the numbers around home. You can also use your English and say: Can you tell me what number is on the chair? What number is on the refrigerator? You can also do the same activity using letters/letter sounds :)

I strongly believe in reducing screen time, but if your child will be using the IPAD I suggest the following apps:

1. Alphabetic makes identifying letters a game for your child as they have to search for letters A through Z while the letters spin around on the screen and before time runs out.

2.ABC Spy challenges children to create their own ABC experience by taking photos for each letter of the alphabet — take a photo, choose a frame, give it a name. Then make a movie of all your photos to share with friends and family!

3.Alphabetical Order challenges children to put the letters in order as well as to match upper and lower case letters, and to match the letters to their sounds.

4.Starfall ABCs displays each letter in upper and lowercase and then shows how the letters are used in sentences. Children can also play letter games, such as word mazes.

5.Count Sort Match

6.Math is Fun Ages 4-5

7.Park Math

8.Butterfly Math

Try these activities too!!

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