Copper Shark

By. Kaleb Cross

Names, family , and order.

Common name: Copper Shark
Scientific name: Carcharhinus brachayurus
Family: Carcharhinidae
Order: Carcharhiniformes


Copper sharks are usually a grey or bronze color. They have a either long and pointed or long and rounded snout. 1st dorsal fin is and large with a pointed apex, the origin is interior to the pectoral fins. 2nd dorsal fin is small and low with an origin over or slightly posterior to the anal fins origin. They can grow up to 3.5 (11.6ft). They give live birth to pups. Their life span is known to be 30 as the oldest.
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Eating Habits

The copper sharks diet mainly consists of fish. Copper shark usually hunt in large groups together in the Western Atlantic.
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Copper sharks are mainly found in warm subtropical waters.
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Global distribuion

Copper sharks are known to be by east of America, right of Mexico, surrounding most of South America, surrounding the bottom of Africa, and the bottom of Australia.
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Fun Fact!

The copper shark is the only known of the genus to live at warm water.